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Nick confesses to Keri about what happened with Diehl and tells her that he killed the man and how he used to be seen as a psycho growing up but he never wanted to hurt anyone. Keri calls Jessica and is concerned about Nick because of his gun. 

Keri can't do anything, but Jessica takes Nick home with her so he can stay. She has him give her his gun and tries to get him to trust her and let her help him. He has reservations. 

She tells him to get a good night's sleep and write down everything that happened that night. She reads it while he's showering, and she tells him that his story has too many holes. He gets riled up again. 

Jeff is on his way home to visit Jessica when his FBI friend hauls him. He tells Jeff that Jessica is under investigation and Jeff taking the Jefferies file and giving it to Jessica is what flagged them. Now the FBI is looking into things that happened with Diehl. 

Jeff is annoyed when he sees Nick at Jessica's apartment and lets her know the apartment is bugged. They go to the parking garage to talk. He tells her what happened and how he's on the hook. He wants her to get out of all of this and doesn't know what caused so many issues. 

She tells him how she likes life in the fast lane. They appear to break up because he doesn't like life like this. 

The protestors are going strong and Bobby wants to appeal to Angela, but it doesn't work. He's getting pressure to send the cops after them. He doesn't want to do that. 

Bobby strong arms Pat into letting the displaced protestors stay for free in his apartment buldings for a couple of months while he figures out something more permanent. Pat is livid and doesn't think they will blend in with the neighborhood. Bobby says he doesnt have anything left to lose. 

Stephanie talks about divorcing Bobby and tells him she  needs him to be the man she fell in love with. Bobby gives a speech to angela and the protestors about them holding him accountable, and it's enough to get everyone to go home. 

Jessica offers Angela the alderman position because of her proving herself during this protest. 

Keri takes a job with a private firm. The FBI come to her house and want to talk. She's with them with Jessica calls her asking about Bobby. 

Jessica goes to meet Bobby. The van that comes for her is a fluke, some random person being reckless. Jessica tells Bobbby that she knows he's the one who really killed Diehl and that Nick is covering for him and wants to go the FBI. She tells him that she can fix it and that she is no longer going to be his errand boy. 

Derrick is interested in Yoli and wants to talk about her pecking him on the cheek. Yoli is avoiding him. 

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Pearson Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Bobby: Are you filing for divorce?
Stephanie: I said we could talk about that later.
Bobby: Goddamn it! If you're going to play games --
Stephanie: Games?
Bobby: That's right, Steph. File or don't file. I'm not going to let you use it to lead me around by the balls.
Stephanie: You're lashing out at the wrong person. I am not the one who has been neutering you all these years

They used to call me psycho. Like, in a loving way, like psycho because I nearly killed a kid when I was 14, bashed his head in with a brick. After I saw what I did to that kid, I swore I wouldn't hurt anyone again. But he knew people were scared of me, and he used it. That's why when he wanted to get rid of Diehl, he told his buddy Pete to have his flunky son do it. But he knew it would go sideways. He didn't care, and now I find out he's got a tape. I should have killed him years ago.