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A beggar woman sings her baby a song. Little Jack wheezes as he sleeps and finally stops breathing as John Clare and his wife sleep. John recognizes what has happened and cries over his son's body.

The young boy familiar reports back to Dracula about the two Wolf-Men he saw. Dracula realizes that the Wolf of God is coming for him and that he is too strong for the familiars to deal with. Vanessa arrives and tells Dracula not to fear Ethan, who was foretold as Dracula's singular enemy. She awaits Ethan's coming and says the two of them will write the ending in blood.

Ethan and Kaetenay both transform back into men and Ethan confronts Kaetenay about his secret -- that he too is a wolf. Ethan did not know, nor did Kaetenay's tribe. He explains that he thought he'd been given the gift by God to protect his people, but his people continued to die. He then realized, via a vision, that he was meant to pass along his gift to Ethan, the chosen one. Ethan realizes Kaetenay turned him into a werewolf and attacks Kaetenay. Kaetenay tells Ethan that he gave Ethan the power to save Vanessa.

Sir Malcolm and Catriona restrain Renfield as Seward injects him with a serum. They question him about Vanessa's whereabouts. He insists that she is happy where she is and they should let this world end and the next begin. Seward taps her cane rhythmically and gets Renfield to describe the location of Dracula's lair.

Lily returns to Dorian's mansion and finds Justine dead on the floor. She confronts Dorian, who tells her that the other women are returned to where they came from. Dorian counsels Lily to stop caring so deeply, because she, like him, is immortal. Everyone will age and die but she will not. He tells her that one day she'll stop desiring passion and connection. Lily kisses Dorian goodbye and leaves. He vows that she'll return and that he'll be there, as he is always there.

At Bedlam, Jekyll yells at Victor for allowing Lily to go and vows to not stop his treatments until he's cured every inmate at Bedlam, finally achieving his goal of renown. Victor tells Jekyll that there is no road ahead for him (Victor). Jekyll announces that his father has died and he's inherited his estate. Victor addresses him by his new title -- Lord Hyde. Jekyll/Hyde leaves to commence making his rounds.

Renfield, under hypnosis down the hall, continues to describe the lair to Seward. In his memory-vision, she spots a sign signaling where the lair is, as Renfield babbles on about never having been in love and how he likely never will be. Seward brings Renfield out of the hypnosis and Seward, Sir Malcolm, and Catriona leave to find Vanessa. They run into Victor, who agrees to come with them to meet Ethan and save Vanessa.

Marjorie sits over her dead son with her husband, marveling over how much smaller Jack looks. John makes plans for Jack's burial, but Marjorie refuses -- she wants John to take Jack to Dr. Frankenstein, so Victor can bring Jack back. John refuses, not wanting his son to have the humanity burned out of him and become a freak. Marjorie gives John an ultimatum -- take Jack and bring him back alive, or don't return at all.

Sir Malcolm, Victor, Catriona, and Seward meet up with Ethan and Kaetenay and prepare for battle against the undead. Kaetenay and Ethan go in together, separate from the group. The group finds bodies hanging from hooks and rats milling about. Dracula appears to them and the familiars encircle them. Malcolm demands to know where Vanessa is. Dracula tells him that Vanessa is his, not Malcolm's, but that she wishes the group to live and demands they leave while he's still willing to allow it.

Sir Malcolm asks Dracula about turning Mina into a vampire, and he explains that Mina was meant to bring Vanessa to him. Malcolm is angered that Mina's life meant no more than that. Malcolm suggests that the others leave but refuses to leave himself. All of the group refuses, and they begin to fight off the familiars together, as Ethan and Kaetenay fight in the tunnels.

The entire group confronts Dracula, fighting him off as Ethan runs to find Vanessa. He tells her that she needs to come with him but she refuses, saying that they will hunt her to the end. He promises that they will fight but she refuses. Ethan tries to convince Vanessa that God is still with her but Vanessa tells him that he must let her battle end or there will never be peace on earth. She begs him to let it end and brings his gun to her. They kiss, they recite the Our Father together, and he shoots her. As Vanessa dies, she tells Ethan that she sees their Lord.

Dracula is choking Sir Malcolm but Dracula suddenly stops, seeing Ethan carrying Vanessa's dead body. Dracula flees. Everyone (except for Vanessa) survives the battle. Light filters through as the plague-fog lifts. Londoners clean up the streets.

Victor, Ethan, and Sir Malcolm congregate in front of the fire. Ethan insists that she is at peace. Victor hugs Ethan and leaves. Ethan goes upstairs and sits on the floor in Vanessa's room well into the night. Sir Malcolm joins him. They wonder what they will do now. Malcolm remarks that he wants to run away but won't; he resolves to find out who he is yet to be, without Vanessa. He asks Ethan whether Ethan will stay and Ethan tells Malcolm that he is his family.

John Clare lays his son to rest by bringing his body to the ocean. He goes to Vanessa's house and sees Sir Malcolm, Kaetenay and the others carrying her coffin. The group lays Vanessa to rest in a cemetery as John hangs back and watches. Sir Malcolm and Ethan are the last to leave the grave. Once they are gone, John visits her fresh grave alone and cries.

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Penny Dreadful Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Their blood is on my soul! You have poisoned my heart.


Fear not old prophecies. We defy them. We make our own heaven and our own hell.