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Dr. Seward finds Renfield listening to her taped sessions with Vanessa and holding a frog. She realizes that his Master is Dracula. Renfield tells Dr. Seward that Vanessa is already Draculas and is with him, "home." He bites into the frog. Seward stabs him, but he attacks her, choking her. Finally she knocks him out. Many frogs rise up from the drain -- gifts from Dracula, according to Renfield.

Ethan, Sir Malcolm, and Kaetenay get off the boat and find a very dark and foggy London, though it is only 2 in the afternoon. A dock worker tells them that everyone is gone due to the fog, the city like a graveyard. A horde of rodents runs past them. They continue on foot to the city, past empty streets.

They arrive at the house and find it (apparently) empty. Ethan finds a dead dog, strung up and dripping blood into a large pool on the floor, hanging from the ceiling in Vanessa's bedroom. Sir Malcolm comes across a young woman who he initially mistakes for Vanessa -- it's a vampire familiar, who bites his throat. Other familiars appear and attack Ethan and Kaetenay. Catriona appears and shoots a few of them before they can kill Ethan. The group successfully fights off the familiars. Malcolm prepares to kill himself because of the bite. Catriona cauterizes the wound instead.

Ethan prepares to leave to find Dr. Frankenstein to help Sir Malcolm and to find Vanessa. Catriona stops him, telling him that the fog outside isn't a fog but a plague signaling the end of days -- 7,000 people died in London in the last week. Ethan leaves anyway, with Kaetenay close behind.

At Bedlam, Jekyll and Frankenstein prepare to work their treatment on a chained Lily. Dorian prepares to head out, intending to take care of "housekeeping." Lily asks for a last kiss but he scoffs at her and leaves. Lily asks for a moment alone with Victor. Jekyll leaves. Lily asks Victor for a glass of water. He nearly breaks down when she touches his hand but she lunges to attack him, breaking the moment and shattering the glass.

John Clare and his family have dinner together. He suggests that they return to their old home and that he will work so that his wife doesn't have to. He tries to make plans for all of them to go on vacation to visit the Highlands but Jack coughs up a lot of blood, being very sickly. He asks his father to help him to bed, asking about the vacations and trips they'll go on when he is well. John promises him that they will go everywhere together.

Dorian returns home and kicks all of Lily's women out of his house immediately. Justine demands to know where Lily is. Dorian easily confesses that he gave Lily to Frankenstein, to be tamed. Justine refuses to believe that any man could defeat Lily and stabs Dorian. She is shocked when he appears uninjured. The women leave quickly in fear. Dorian encourages Justine to leave but Justine refuses, preferring to die there rather than go back to her old life. Dorian kisses her and then breaks her neck.

Ethan arrives at Frankenstein's house and bangs on the door. He finds a vampire familiar child instead, who encourages Ethan to follow him, promising he'll take Ethan to Victor. Ethan follows.

Back at Sir Malcolm's house, Malcolm awakens. Catriona introduces herself, and Malcolm asks why she is looking for Vanessa. Catriona explains that Vanessa came to her looking for information on Dracula because Catriona is an expert on death. Dr. Seward arrives looking for Vanessa and entreats Catriona and Sir Malcolm to come with her to save Vanessa.

Back at Bedlam, Lily rails against Victor for his determination to take away her mind. Victor insists that he can take away her pain but Lily is insistent that some scars can never heal. She tells him that she had a daughter, how much she loved the little girl, and the story of her daughter's death -- she used to have to leave the baby alone to prostitute herself to support them. One day, a rough john hit her, knocking her out until the next morning. When she got home, her baby had frozen to death.

After hearing her story, Victor puts the serum on the ground and unlocks Lily's chain. Lily puts her hand around his neck, as if about to kill him. Instead, she kisses him goodbye and leaves him there alone.

Ethan is led by the creepy boy to an abandoned part of the town, where Dracula confronts him. Ethan threatens to shoot Dracula. But Dracula easily picks him up by the throat, recognizing that Ethan loves Vanessa. He encourages Ethan to leave Vanessa in peace, that she has now saved herself. Ethan refuses to back down and Dracula throws him aside.

Dr. Seward brings Sir Malcolm and Catriona to where she has chained Renfield up, intending to reach into his mind and extract the information they need about Vanessa's whereabouts. Catriona physically overpowers Renfield and demands to know where Vanessa is.

Ethan transforms into the Wolf-Man and begins fighting off the vampire familiars. Kaetenay also transforms and joins him. Once they fight off all of the familiars, the two Wolf-Men face off.

Penny Dreadful
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Penny Dreadful Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Ethan: Who the hell are you?
Catriona: I believe I'm the woman who just saved your life.

Renfield: You're not a killer.
Dr. Seward: You should have listened to more of the recordings.