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Ethan and Hecate travel together across the desert wasteland to reach Ethan's father's ranch. After Hecate confides that her mother offered her up to Lucifer when she was only five years old, Ethan finally explains to Hecate a portion of his history and the reason for the discord with his father.

When Ethan was younger, his father enlisted him in the army to "make him a man." He was part of a troop that slaughtered many Apache -- Kaetenay's people. When Ethan's commanding officer made a remark about cruelly killing one of the Apache, Ethan killed the commanding officer and turned himself over to Kaetenay, Rather than kill him, Kaetenay took him in and Ethan began working with the Apache, fighting the army he had served. He led the Apache to his father's farm to steal his father's horses and supplies. As Ethan tells this to Hecate, Kaetenay tells it to Sir Malcolm at the same time, as they are pursuing Ethan.

Meanwhile, as they pursue Ethan, Rusk privately explains to the sheriff the circumstances of how he lost his arm -- he was pursuing an assassin while in battle, lost him arm, and proceeded to drag the criminal to justice before bothering to seek medical attention.

One night, Hecate and Ethan see Rusk and his men in the distance. Hecate suggests that she invoke Lucifer to attack their pursuers. Ethan agrees. At the same moment that Malcolm and Kaetenay kill Rusk's sleeping men in order to steal their horses, Hecate conjures snakes that rise from the sand and kill the men. One of the snakes bites Kaetenay before he and Sir Malcolm are able to ride away on their horses. Of Rusk's men, only Rusk and the sheriff remain alive. Rusk remains determined to find Ethan, but he now wants to kill him rather than to take him alive.

While huddling in a cave for the night, Ethan tells Hecate the story of the cave drawings, the story of the first Apache and how the world was made. Ethan gives in to Hecate's temptations and her desire for him to embrace his dark, wolf nature. He tells her that he's tired of apologizing and feeling guilty. They have sex. She instructs him to invoke Lucifer at the moment that he kills his father, telling him that if he does so, he will never feel guilt again.

Meanwhile, a suffering Kaetenay explains to Sir Malcolm that he once returned to the desert soon after Ethan abandoned him, wanting to die. He was not allowed to die and received a vision instead, of everlasting darkness and Ethan at the center of it.

Ethan and Hecate continue to ride until both of their horses die. They then continue on foot across the desert, soon running out of water. Hecate collapses, falling unconscious. Ethan carries her for a bit and then falls to the ground with her. Sir Malcolm and Kaetenay come upon them, Kaetenay in bad shape due to his snake bite. Malcolm gives water to Ethan. He moves to shoot Hecate, but Ethan stops him.

Suddenly, they are interrupted by a group of men sent by Ethan's father to retrieve him. Ethan willingly goes with them, bringing Hecate. Sir Malcolm is brought along as well. The men refuse to bring Kaetenay despite Malcolm's protests, choosing instead to leave him in the desert to die slowly (which Ethan agrees to easily).

At Ethan's father's house, Ethan and Hecate recuperate in individual bedrooms. Sir Malcolm and Ethan's father Jared Talbot discuss Ethan. Malcolm explains that he had enlisted Ethan's services as a hired gun to find his missing daughter the previous year, but that his daughter died.

Jared enlists Malcolm's help to get Ethan to live out the remainder of his days at the ranch, threatening him if he's unable to be of assistance.

Ethan goes to confront his father. Jared brings him to their chapel. Jared tells Ethan, in gory detail, how the Apaches that Ethan brought to their ranch brutalized and murdered the rest of Ethan's family. Jared holds a gun on Ethan and demands that he beg forgiveness but Ethan refuses.

Meanwhile, back in London, Dr. Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll work together to develop a method to deliver Jekyll's serum in order to permanently cure the subjects. Frankenstein injects an electrified dosage of the serum directly into the subject's eye through his eye.

The experiment is apparently a success, the cure taking permanently, after the subject remains catatonic for twenty four hours. Jekyll doubts whether Victor will be able to go through with the procedure for Lily. Returning home later, Victor sniffs one of the dresses Lily left there and cleans up his filthy apartment.

Penny Dreadful
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Penny Dreadful Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Hecate: This God that would anoint you lupus dei, that would make you a glorious monster and have you hate yourself for being so monstrous, he tortures you with guilt and in return offers you what?
Ethan: Forgiveness.
Hecate: Do you feel forgiven?

Kaetenay: To save my son, I would slaughter an entire army. And I would gladly give up my own life.
Sir Malcolm: Would he do the same for you?
Kaetenay: Ethan will kill me the first chance he gets.