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On the season premiere of Perception...

Daniel is staying with Miranda in Paris. She decides to hold off on a trip for her music to stay with him.

Daniel is approached by a man claiming to be the FBI. It sends him on a wild chase of spies and secrets and the Chinese government's involvement in a super drug.

Kate and Donnie, who are now together, rush to Paris to help him as his sanity is called into question.

Turns out Miranda's former lover was a spy trying to set Daniel up and make Miranda think he was crazy. Daniel uncovers the plot, but Miranda says she can't handle his schizophrenia.

Donnie asks Kate to marry him again.

With some nudging from home, Max and Paul are able to get Daniel's job back.

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Perception Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Paul: First rule of academia is...
Max: Don't sleep with your students?

I'm in Paris, of course I'm getting mocked by a mime. What a cliche.