L - Perry and Son - Perry Mason Season 2 Episode 3
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A couple of talks about their intentions with some property. The husband is the same cop Brooks had a deal with.

Opening arguments have a rough when the judge declines to extend the time for the defense to seek evidence. The judge gives them a little time of three weeks.

Mateo and Rafael receive food in prison, only for Mateo to find a piece of glass on his plate.

Della's "friend" visits her at work. They share a kiss.

Perry visits the Gallardo brothers in prison to get to know them better. They inform him of the incident. He promises to try and seek a safer cell.

The judge nearly declines the request because he believes the case to be a lost cause. He, however, obliges.

Perry and the team continue chasing leads, and it places them at Camilas. She is a socialite in the upper-class circles and knows about Brooks and his dealings.

Perry gains entry into one Ms. Lawson's mental ward room by false pretenses and takes pictures.

Mateo and Rafael are transferred to their own cell. They play silly games.

Paul chases some leads and goes to the Gallardos' neighborhood. He finds a man who deals in guns. He buys some guns from him.

Perry's son comes to spend the night with him as his ex-wife works. He tries to impress the boy.

A man comes to see Lydell about some money he's owed, and an altercation occurs. Lydell injures him.

Paul tests some guns. He discovers something.

Lydell warns Perry against looking into business dealings of Brooks.

Perry shows Della the letters Mrs. Dodson had sent.

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Perry Mason Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Thomas: The roles would never be reversed because Brooks McCutcheon was nothing like your clients.
Perry: What? Mexican?
Thomas: Murderers

I can't say many of your ilk come out on top, but I've often admired their fight.