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On this week's Person of Interest…

Fusco wants Reese to deal with HR, but Reese and Finch decide to focus on their newest person of interest, a therapist named Caroline Turning.

Unfortunately, she is also the newest target of HR.

Reese rescues Caroline with HR on his heels and while Finch attempts to recruit Carter for assistance, the FBI request her help in capturing him as they are also after him.

Zoe helps Reese and Finch try and discover who ordered the hit on

With both sides converging on Reese, he manages to get her away.

Carter discovers that Fusco is also working with Reese and Finch. While upset over the lack of trust, the two help Reese escape.

Unfortunately, Alicia, who has been tracking Finch, confronts him and demands he help her destroy the Machine.

Caroline kills Alicia, and reveals that she set the hit up on herself in order to lure Finch out into the open. She is none other than "Root."

Fusco sends an anonymous tip in to the FBI to bring down HR, except Officer Simmons manages to walk away.

With Finch missing, Reese demands that the Machine help find him. A payphone mysteriously rings immediately after and Reese answers it.

Person of Interest
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