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On this week's Person of Interest…

Five numbers pop up all related to the five family mob bosses.

Reese and Finch know that Elias is ready to bring the old way of organized crime back and is willing to eliminate all five men in order to do so.

Two of the five are killed before Carter, afraid of more civilian casualties, forces the remaining three into protective custody. She asks Fusco to help her.

Elias captures Carter's son in the hopes of exchanging the mob bosses for him but she refuses.

Finch calls upon Simmons, a member of the corrupt police known as "HR," and reveals that Elias isn't working with them on even terms. Elias is in fact having them and their families watched in case their protection doesn't work out. Simmons pulls "HR" from Elias.

Reese rescues Carter's son and Moretti.

Elias tries to force Carter in person, but police backup arrives and he is arrested and sent to prison.

Elias makes a final phone call from jail to Moretti before blowing him and his son up.

Person of Interest
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Person of Interest Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

So we're going to babysit the five most powerful criminals in New York.


Finch: Did you forget to set your alarm?
Reese: I had my yoga class.
Finch: Well, I hope you've gotten in touch with your inner chi.