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On this week's Person of Interest…

A flashback reveals that Detective Carter served in the military as an interrogator, but felt betrayed by her own team.

She also has a son, but the father is no longer around.

Carter continues to try and dig up information on Elias. Additionally, she tries to help a battered wife convict her husband and even deals with a witness shooting.

All of the negative attention on her leads her to becoming the next person of interest.

Reese follows her around in attempt to save her as she sticks her nose in every bad guys business.

Reese manages to run Hector Alonzo, the shooter of the witness, out of town, but Carter still goes after him. She ends up capturing him.

Reese even stops the abusive husband from killing the wife.

Unfortunately, it turns out to be her loyal snitch that shoots her. Reese saves the day and shoots him. Luckily, Carter was wearing a bullet proof vest.

Reese finds the corrupt police captain that allowed the hit on Carter and demands he tell Elias that if they try and harm Carter, Reese will hunt all of them down and kill them.

Person of Interest
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