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On this episode of Person of Interest…

Reese tracks down a number that turns out to be a bounty hunter named Frankie, who is really out for revenge for her brother.

Harper shows up and is working to make a deal with Frankie’s target.

Frankie is also being tracked down by Mr. Worthy.

A standoff allows everyone to essentially get what they want, and Reese is able to arrest Frankie’s guy instead of her killing him.

Iris reveals that she has feeling for Reese, and the two kiss.

Finch attempts to embed his Trojan into Samaritan, but Root, fearing it will get Finch killed tries to stop him.

Finch nearly kills himself to prevent her from killing his friend.

Root agrees not to kill her, but she does end up taking Finch’s activation device.

Person of Interest
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Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

Cause you know, I got handcuffs.


It's okay if we're not friends anymore. You're alive. It's enough.