A Cabaret - Pose
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Costas's health is deteriorating and the impending death of yet another partner weighs heavy on Pray. The emotional tole leads Pray into a noticeable (and alcohol-accompanied) depression, and members of the House of Evangelista and the entire ball take notice. But when Blanca and her family try to intervene, Pray lashes out and cuts them off. An opportunity for Blanca to be there for her friend arises after Pray decides to throw an evening of entertainment for Costas and the other patients in the AIDS wing.

The evening -- complete with cheese, crackers, punch, and two musical numbers -- helps ease Pray's mind and subtly forces Blanca to confront her own potential future. Following the event, Costas begs Pray Tell to only weep for him for one day after he dies, and after that carry-on and live life to the fullest. Pray gets the call about Costas's passing that night and does exactly as Costas had requested. After a day of morning, Pray returns to the ball with the House of Evangelista as support and brings new life back into the ball competitions once again. 

After Patty and Angel meet on the street, they head to a diner Angel frequents. Patty interrogates Angel about her relationship with Stan, and while tensions get heavy at various points, they realize they aren't quite so different -- especially when it comes to Stan. After speaking with Angel, Patty goes to the doctor to get an HIV test before confronting Stan during one of their couple's therapy appointments. Patty makes clear that despite still loving him, she wants Stan to move out and figure out who he is and what he wants.

Meanwhile, Blanca catches the eye of a man named Derek. But after talking to Candy, Lulu, and several others, Blanca discovers that he's been chasing several woman at the ball -- including her friends -- and isn't looking for the romance Blanca wants. Blanca confronts him at a competition, and with the help of her friends, calls him out and shoots him down. 

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Pose Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Angel: We didn't have sex the first time. He mostly wanted to talk. It wasn't dirty or nothin.
Patty: Did he talk about me?
Angel: Not really, but I already knew he was married, if that's what you're asking. He took off his ring and tried to hide it, but I always know. And I never feel guilty either. I figure, who am I to judge what goes on between two people. Why they need what they need.
Patty: You did -- you did have sex?
Angel: Uh huh.
Patty: Did he use protection?
Angel: Every time. We not together. I was the one who broke it off. I feel like he wanted to keep me. Like a doll. That's all I ever wanted. But when I had it, I just felt like I wasn't nothing until he decided to come home and play with me.
Patty: I understand.

Patty: How could a woman be a drag queen?
Angel: I'm a transsexual.
Patty: No, I don't believe you.
Angel: Why thank you. That's a compliment, you know.
Patty: That's not possible. I mean, Stan would never do that. You're a woman.
Angel: 100 percent.
Patty: Prove it.
Angel: What? You wanna see my dick?
Patty: Yes.
Angel: I'm sorry for what I did to you, and I'm here to talk, but I got boundaries. I'm not bothered about any part of who I am except that. Everything I can't have in this world is because of that thing down there. If you wanna see who I am, that's the last place you should look.