Pose Season 2

Blanca Struggles - Pose
"In My Heels"

On Pose Season 2 Episode 10, after a medical set back, Blanca struggles to reassemble the House of Evangelista, and Pray Tell confronts old traumas.

An Unexpected Loss - Pose
"Life's a Beach"

On Pose Season 2 Episode 9, Elektra attempts to organize a girls trip down the shore as Blanca has been left reeling from an unexpected loss.

Irreparably Damaged - Pose

On Pose Season 2 Episode 8, when Damon reveals the secrets that others have been keeping, many relationships end up being irreparably damaged.

The Unsavory Side - Pose

On Pose Season 2 Episode 7, House of Evangelista plans a large prank to antagonize Frederica, while Angel is introduced to the unsavory side of modeling.

In the Hospital - Pose
"Love's in Need of Love Today"

On Pose Season 2 Episode 6, PrayTell lands in the hospital after falling ill while organizing his annual AIDS Cabaret leading to a series of unexpected visitors.

The Competition - Pose
"What Would Candy Do?"

On Pose Season 2 Episode 5, the competition starts to get the best of Damon and Ricky as they audition for a spot on Madonna's Blonde Ambition tour.

Rocked To Its Core - Pose
"Never Knew Love Like This Before"

On Pose Season 2 Episode 4, the Ballroom community ends up being shaken to its very core when one of their valued members is brutally attacked.

Friends to Lovers - Pose

On Pose Season 2 Episode 3, a fatal mishap with a client leads Elektra to seek out the counsel of Blanca and Candy and Angel and Lil Papi face a challenge.

Shocking the Ballroom - Pose Season 2 Episode 2
"Worth It"

On Pose Season 2 Episode 2, Elektra shocks the ballroom community with a bold move, while Blanca launches a business venture with unexpected results.

Following Their Dreams - Pose
"Acting Up"

On Pose Season 2 Episode 1, convinced Madonna's "Vogue" will lead to mainstream acceptance, Blanca encourages the House of Evangelista to follow their dreams.

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