Tariq & Brayden Meet Up - Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 10
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Monet meets with Noma and Obi and says the solution to Noma's problems is for her to move the weight. Noma then asks what happened to Mecca.

Tariq goes to Kate's house looking for Tommy, but he isn't there. Kate tells him that Monet came to the house with the letter, which she then got to Tommy.

Monet won't admit to anything involving Mecca's death. Noma tells her she won't be left vulnerable again, and she slices Obi's face for being deceptive.

Jenny, Blanca, Medina, and Young discuss Lucas's death and not believing it was a suicide. They then begin prepping Lauren for the grand jury, so they can get Effie indicted.

Monet meets with Tariq, Brayden, Cane, and Dru, telling them now she's in charge of Noma's product.

Monet pulls a gun on Tariq and tells him to keep Effie and Lauren from talking. She also denies telling Tommy about Tasha.

Obi tells Tariq his family got the green cards and that it will benefit everyone if Tariq can find a way to get back into Noma's good graces.

Tommy finds Tariq and then two square off in the street. Tommy tells him that he and Tasha hashed things out.

Flashbacks show Tasha knocking Tariq out to save Tommy and then proposing they dead their beef, which Tommy agrees to.

Tommy tells Tariq he doesn't know where Tasha went after they parted and that he shouldn't kill Monet and start a war because he has no allies.

Tate asks Harper to marry him, and she agrees as they celebrate his lead in the election.

Dru, Diana, and Cane discuss Monet taking over. Cane tells them to fall in line, as they are a family of drug dealers, but after he leaves, Dru and Diana team up.

The Westons have a family meeting that is interrupted by Monet and Cane. They tell the Westons they owe them money and take one of their paintings and Trace's watch as a down payment.

Effie changes cells at the jail and finds a cell phone which tells her that Monet is coming for her.

Davis tells Tariq to leave Monet alone, and Tariq tells him about Davis leaking the Weston Holding information. Davis also tells Tariq to take care of Effie and Lauren.

Effie gets attacked in her cell. And later, Tariq comes to see her. He tells her not to post bail so the FEDs have less time to work on their case. He also asks for the picture of Noma's daughter, and Effie tells him she has already found her, but she's only giving him the information once he gets her out.

Tariq tells Cane and Brayden they have five days to get Lauren to recant her story. Tariq tells Cane to get pictures of Lauren's parents so they can scare her. Later, Tariq calls Lauren, asking her not to testify and to meet up.

Cane and Dru go to Baldwin's house and tie up Lauren's parents.

Tariq, Cane, and Brayden meet with Lauren, and Cane shows her a video of her parents tied up, which Tariq didn't agree to. Cane tells her he'll let them go if she recants.

Tate wins the election and gives his acceptance speech. Afterward, Davis tells him Tariq and the Tejadas know he burned them, and he has a bullet coming his way. Davis then tells him he wants him to get Diane's charges dropped. And unbeknownst to Tate, Harper overhears their discussion.

Lauren tells Jenny she won't testify if she can't meet with Effie, and the two have a tense meeting at the jail.

At the grand jury trial, Lauren says Jenny forced her to lie in her statement. Medina then pulls the plug on the RICO.

Lauren and her parents leave town.

Effie gets released from jail and gives Tariq the information about Noma's daughter.

Brayden tells Tariq he's out and quits the business.

Diana goes to Tariq with a plan to kill Monet. She sets the plan in motion to get Monet out of the house and into the car, where Tariq will shoot her. But after Monet apologizes to her, Diana stays in the car longer than she should, and a drive-by shooter ambushes them.

Tariq, who is parked nearby, catches a glimpse of the shooter, which is Tasha.

At the hospital, the Tejada children discover Monet is in critical condition. And Diana tells Cane and Dru it was Tariq who shot at them.

After Cane leaves, Diana tells Dru she isn't sure if it was Tariq, but Dru tells her to stick to the story. It's then revealed that Dru and Diana devised a plan together, and Diana wore a red wig and delivered Saxe's letter to Kate.

Tariq meets with Tasha and tells her he lost his trust in the Ponzi scheme. He tells her he needs to get the kind of power that makes you untouchable, and he decides to get close to Noma and learn what she knows.

Agent Young is revealed to be Paz's son and Angela's nephew after Paz brings him a letter from Saxe with a flash drive inside.

Tariq meets Noma at the warehouse and denies trying to kill Monet. The Tejadas then ambush him. And when he tries to threaten Noma's daughter, Effie reveals herself, telling him she has already warned Noma.

As Cane prepares to shoot Tariq, the lights in the warehouse go out, and gunshots rain down as Brayden comes to save Tariq.

The two escape and Brayden reveals that Obi tipped him off to what was going to happen, and he couldn't leave him there, as Tariq declares they've just started a war.

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Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Tommy: You got some fucking balls. You brought a fucking gun to my mother’s house?
Tariq: This exact one, Uncle Tommy. I swear on my life I’ll use it if you don’t tell me what happened to my mother.

Kate: What are you drinking? Hennessy?
Tariq: I don’t usually drink.
Kate: Juice box?