Diana: Does Daddy know Cane's back?
Monet: You know what, Diana? I'm tired of ya'll running around here asking me Daddy this and Daddy that. You wanna know about Cane, ask your father yourself. You want more responsibility? You wanna be the one asking all the questions? Here, you go deal with your father.
Diana: Fine.

Cane: You know what? You and Machine Gun Kelly over here fuck up Monet's business, Imma just take it back to the streets.
Brayden: Woah. The streets that's an option?
Tariq: Nah. We're staying right where we are, B.
Cane: I really can't wait for yall to fuck this up.
Tariq: Continue to wait.

Carrie: I'm not lying to you, Kevin.
Whitman: I know what you're capable of, Carrie. I know the things you can get a man to do. Just know that I won't rest until I put cuffs on both of you. And you pay for what you've done.

Whitman: Who the fuck are you?
Monet: You need to watch how you talk to me. Now are you charging him?
Whitman: I'm asking him some questions. He's here voluntarily.
Monet: Well, now he's voluntarily leaving. Asshole.
Whitman: Give me a fucking break.

Cane: You frame that teacher bitch yet?
Tariq: I ain't even have to do all that shit. We good.
Cane: Yeah, we better be. Cuz if them bodies come back on me, I come down on you. No matter what Monet says about no greater good.

Trust me. Money and influence can buy a lot of things, but it can't buy what's good for a child.

CPS Worker [to Tariq]

Tariq: How the fuck do you expect me to do that?
Tate: Don't sell yourself so short, young brother. We both know what you're capable of

Diana: Wait. Ma you like love songs now? What that’s cuz your anniversary?
Monet: Yeah. Yup. Twenty-two years. Your father held me down when nobody else did. He had my back. And I see you itching to get out there, but when it’s your time. Having a lover makes you weak, but having a partner makes you strong. Remember that. Tariq ain’t never gonna be that. D. He’s his own man.

Zeke: You think I’m ready for all this, auntie?
Monet: You gotta be. Because it’s happening. Don’t forget you a target now, Zeke. Everybody and they mother gonna want something from you, especially women. Now remember, I’m the only one with your best interest at heart.

Lorenzo: Cane’s got a new connect?
Monet: Fuck his connect.
Lorenzo: How you gonna say you want you more, you can’t even keep this family together? You killed Rico. If Cane’s offering product, you need to take it. Today.

Cane: Hey man, you need to quit it with that ninja, appearing shit you be doing.
Mecca: Or maybe you need to be better aware of your surroundings.

Mecca: You stole from your own family?
Cane: Fuck no. I created an opportunity for them, they didn’t even know they needed. I helped them.

Power Book II: Ghost Quotes

Mecca: You stole from your own family?
Cane: Fuck no. I created an opportunity for them, they didn’t even know they needed. I helped them.

Carrie: You just got here. Why are you in such a hurry to leave?
Tariq: I have to help my grandmother with my baby sister. I have to help my family.