We did it, kid. You are free to go.

Davis [to Tariq]

Saxe: Just walk away. Just walk away while you still can.
Jenny: You know, at some point, Saxe. Walking away means becoming an accomplice. And you wonder why we can’t be a real thing. It’s because of this.

Saxe: You took money from Cane Tejada.
Davis: And you framed James St. Patrick for murder. Don’t come in here waving your sanctimonious self-hatred at me. I’ve accepted who I am. Survival of the fittest. That’s what I do. Survive. And so do you. We’re the fucking same.

Tasha: Don’t underestimate my son, Tameka. That boy’ll surprise you. I promise you that.
Tameka: He’s already surprised me.

Monet: So, you thought this all the way through didn’t you?
Mecca: A goal without a plan is just a wish, right? Yeah, I’ve been planning this ever since I lost you.

Zeke, what looks like lies and betrayal, I’m telling you it’s nothing but unconditional love. Now maybe you’ll understand that when you have kids of your own, but Monet would do anything for you. You can trust me on that.


Monet: Your father shot at me. You gonna stand for that? It’s him or me, Cane. Choose.
Cane: I do this shit. Dru and Diana will never forgive me, you know that, right?
Monet: I’ll deal with Dru and Diana.

Zeke: Answer one question for me, Monet.
Monet: Anything, baby.
Zeke: Did you have something to do with Carrie’s death?
Monet: I’d never hurt you like that, Zeke. After Lorenzo kicked me out, I came straight here. Stayed here all night worried about you.

Dru: Half the shit that happens in this family is because you can’t keep your mouth shut. And you are always in everybody’s business.
Diana: Wow. Okay, that ain’t fair.
Dru: Last night ain’t fair.

Mecca: You know, this isn’t the end of anything, Zeke. I can hire you a PR firm, we get the truth out there and get you back on track.
Zeke: It don’t work that way, man.
Mecca: It works the way I say it works, son.

So, do me a favor man. When you see your father in hell, you tell him Dante said good looking out.

Mecca [to Tariq]

Tariq: It’s me.
Tate: About damn time. You know how many nervous shits I had to breathe through in here?

Power Book II: Ghost Quotes

Carrie: You just got here. Why are you in such a hurry to leave?
Tariq: I have to help my grandmother with my baby sister. I have to help my family.

Simon: Why, Tariq, I had almost given up hope. Is your watch stopped?
Ida: Young African-Americans have a responsibility to be prompt, young man. We must subvert expectations whenever possible.
Tariq: Yes, ma'am. I apologize. I had a family emergency.
Simon: Yeah, well I guess you have thee family emergency these days, don't you? He really is remarkably resilient, wouldn't you say, Ida?