Davis: We got a problem?
Tariq: What am I paying you for? Cuz from what I heard you're playing make believe spending my money on a fake ass trial.
Davis: Okay, look. The mock trial was an experiment. Now we know not to put your mom on the stand. Ever.

Tariq: If ya'll gonna swing at Saxe, make sure ya'll don't miss.
Davis: I never miss.

Paula: We can help you, Tariq. I can help you.
Tariq: Nobody can help me.

Tate: Look, I know you gentleman don't want me to say what I actually know to be true. That James St. Patrick was a murdering, lying, drug dealer, who fucked all around town. And put hands on his wife.
Mak: Correct. We certainly can't have you saying that.

Tasha: You need to go get a gun. Right now.
Tariq: Where the hell am I gonna get a gun? Anyone I could ask right now is gone. Kanan, Dre, Tommy...Dad.

Davis: I'm not gonna allow you to let me go out there with my ass hanging out again, Tasha! You need to stop lying to us right now.
Tasha: I'm not lying. And Saxe knows damn well I didn't kill Terry Silver. Terry loved me. He wanted me to turn on Ghost. He was trying to save me, and Ghost killed him.

Hey, you and me, we good. But Monet's word is law.

Zeka [to Tariq]

It's not the truth that matters. It's what we can sell to a jury.

Davis [to Tasha]

Dru: Shit, there's no way out, man.
Cane: Oh, there's a way.
Dru: Cane, we ain't killing no fucking cop, man.
Cane: You ain't. I am.

Tasha: James didn't take orders from me.
Tameka: But Tommy Egan did?

Monet: Say I let you go play college ball, then what?f You go pro? It's not the same for females, D. They make seventy-five bands a year, if they're lucky. How does that bullshit help the family?
Diana: It's not about the family. It's about my life.
Monet: Your life is this family.

Boy, I'd be very careful about who you accuse of being a criminal.

Monet [to Tariq]

Power Book II: Ghost Quotes

Carrie: You just got here. Why are you in such a hurry to leave?
Tariq: I have to help my grandmother with my baby sister. I have to help my family.

Simon: Why, Tariq, I had almost given up hope. Is your watch stopped?
Ida: Young African-Americans have a responsibility to be prompt, young man. We must subvert expectations whenever possible.
Tariq: Yes, ma'am. I apologize. I had a family emergency.
Simon: Yeah, well I guess you have thee family emergency these days, don't you? He really is remarkably resilient, wouldn't you say, Ida?