Brothers Together - Power Book IV: Force Season 2 Episode 9
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Tommy and Diamond dispose of Reeves' body, and Tommy tells Diamond about their being a snitch in the crew. Tommy wonders if the snitch is Jenard, while Diamond questions if it's Vic. Tommy then tells him they're going to put everyone to the test.

Stacy wants Bobby arrested, but Bobby insists she does it by the book.

Diamond asks Jenard to find Leon's killer.

Miguel tells Abuelita and Mireya he's inviting Diamond over, as he wants to split Tommy and Diamond and then merge CBI with Insane Princes. He also says he wants to kill Tommy.

Mirković meets with Roberto from the Marquez cartel, as he's looking for a new supplier. Claudia crashes their meeting, and Roberto agrees to supply them, but they must come up with cash upfront. Later, Mirković tells Claudia she has to come up with that money, or she'll lose the Serbs' protection.

At the coalition meeting, Tommy gives everyone new burner phones. He tells Diamond that Jenny has phone connections and she'll be able to find out if the FEDs get a warrant on any of the numbers.

Stacy gets the warrant to bug Tommy's loft, and Bobby suggests they get Vic to plant it.

Diamond goes to Gianna's to return some of Leon's belongings and sees Jamal, who gives him an ominous warning.

Mireya goes to Tommy and asks about Lakeisha, as well as Stacy coming to her and Miguel's plan to kill him. She tells Tommy she wants him alive and chooses him over her family.

Miguel meets with Diamond and asks how committed he is to Tommy. But as they're meeting, Abuelita is killed when the car she starts outside the establishment blows up.

Claudia tells Shanti and Elise about the deal with the Marquez cartel, and Claudia tells Shanti she wants her to move to leave CBI and move powder with her. Elise then tells them she can get the money for the deal.

JP finds empty liquor bottles in the trash at home and gets a call from the youth academy telling him D-Mac escaped.

Jenard tells Shanti he doesn't think they should push Diamond out of CBI once they get Tommy. Shanti then tells him about Claudia's plans and tells him she wants to hobble her.

It's revealed that Nuñez was supposed to kill Miguel with the bomb in the car on the Serbs' order, but it got Abuelita instead.

Shanti tells Tommy about Claudia's plans, and he tells her to have everyone think she's done with CBI and working with Claudia only. He will then tell her the rest of the plan later.

Vic gives them his new burner number, and Stacy and Bobby give him the bug to plant at Tommy's place.

At Abuelita's funeral, Tommy and Diamond extend their condolences to Miguel and Mireya. And Tommy approaches Che, offering to take out Mirković. Che tells them he gave Miguel the green light to kill him.

Later, Tommy tells Diamond he wants to screw up their plans and take Mirković out before asking Che for everything.

The parole division searches Diamond's shop as they look for Reeves. Diamond offers up an alibi, and Jenard corroborates it. After they leave, Diamond tells Jenard the truth about what happened, and Jenard tells him that a kid named Mad Dog killed Leon.

Tommy tells Mireya to stay at the loft so she's safe and warns her that there's a snitch in Miguel's crew. Mireya tells him it’s Nuñez.

Diamond and Jenard grab Jamal, as Diamond realizes he tipped Reeves off to him. Diamond then drowns him in a lake.

Vic goes to Tommy's and plants the bug.

D-Mac holes up at Marshall's, where JP finds him, and the two argue. D-Mac tells him he wants him to fight for him. And JP says he will deal with Tommy.

Tommy and Vic tail Nuñez and see him outside Mirković's club.

JP tells Kate he accepts her amends and tells her D-Mac is back, but she can't see him.

Tommy, with Vic in tow, tortures Nuñez until he tells them Miguel is sending men to kill Mirković that night. Tommy then makes Nuñez call Mirković and warn him, which allows him and a few of his men to escape the ambush from Miguel.

Elise gives Claudia the money for the Marquez deal.

Che is pissed at Miguel for failing to kill Mirković. Then Tommy shows up with Nuñez and informs them he's the rat. Miguel then kills him.

At the loft, Mireya tells Tommy she wants to go to Barcelona with him.

Diamond finds out he got early release from parole and shares the news with Jenard. Jenard tells Diamond that killing Mad Dog is off-limits as he's King Kilo's nephew.

Jenny Su gets Tommy the phone records, and Tommy discovers Vic is the snitch.

Vic meets with Stacy, and he gives her more information, but unbeknownst to them, Tommy is watching their meeting from nearby.

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Power Book IV: Force Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Jamal: Mine as well say your final goodbyes. He ain’t gonna be around much longer.
Diamond: What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
Jamal: You’ll find out.

This case is changing us. Is that what you want?

Bobby [to Stacy]