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It's revealed that Tariq set his kidnapping up and is working with Vincent. 

Ghost and Tommy set a plan to get as much product as possible from Jason using money from Tate's campaign. Ghost asked Dre to work with Alphonse to move the product, while Tommy gets his premeras to move it. 

Blanca and another detective go to both Ghost and Tasha and tell them that they will need to speak with Tariq about the night Proctor died. 

Jason stops Ghost and Tommy on their way to see Vincent and takes half of their money. When they show up to VIncent's without the total amount, he beats Tariq and gives them another 24 hours to get the money. 

Tariq meets with the police and lies about why he disabled the alarm at the penthouse and snuck out the back door. 

Tasha tells Ghost and Tommy that she can get product from Zig, but it proves to not be enough. They devise a plan to have Spanky, 2-Bit, and Alphonse rob Tate's campaign money during a fundraiser at Truth. 

After Tate makes Alphonse as one of the robbers, Ghost gives him his gun and Tate kills him. 

Ghost and Tommy bring Vincent his money, but Vincent is planning on killing them anyway. But Benny shows up as a favor to Ghost and Tariq and no one is hurt. 

Ghost realizes that Tommy killed Proctor with Tariq's help, and shares the news with Tasha. 


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Power Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Tate: You know, I used to be New York's finest.
Ghost: Yeah, I know. You were this bad ass cop. Your point?
Tate: I ain't your bitch.
Ghost: I'll remember that. Make the call.

Alright, Tommy. You're right. We're not boys, but we are brothers. So, I'm asking you, can you help me? For Tariq.