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Michael, Lincoln,

Whip finds himself in the U.S. and alone, looking for something in the water. T-Bag stops him and just as the two men get ready to fight, T-Bag reveals that he is Whip's father. 

He told him about how his mother ran off and was never to be seen, and the two men start talking. 

Michael realizes Jacob has Sara's phone and worries about her fate. When he makes it back to the U.S. he and Lincoln try to find Jacob, but they come across a world of trouble. 

Sheba and C-Note pose as DEA agents to get rid of Luca and his men, but it came back to haunt Lincoln later when they shot him several times. 

Michael found the house thanks to a map, but he was confronted by A & W who seemed to have shot him because blood went up the walls. 

With two brothers shot, Mike was left in the house to fend for himself. 


Prison Break
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Prison Break Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Michael: I got your map.
Mike: Uh, that wasn't my map.

Scofield. Told you we'd find you.

Luca [To Lincoln]