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Addison discovers she needs $487,000 to keep the practice afloat.

To earn the money, they'll open one hour earlier and one hour later plus weekends.

Meanwhile, Jenna, a 17-year-old married, dying girl, appears - and her last wish is to have a baby.

Jenna, her teenage husband Nick, and her parents are in a room as Naomi performs egg retrival with Pete in the room as backup.

When Addison finds out what's happening, she isn't behind the idea at all, arguing with Naomi and Pete that they're creating an orphan.

Addison runs into Nick after he donates his half of the baby-making matierals and they talk.

She asks what he wants and what his plans are, how he'll be involved. She asks what he wants and he pauses to think.

Naomi has found a viable egg and is about to begin the process of fertilizing it as Jenna and her parents happily watch.

Jenna hands a camera to Pete and he tells a freaked-out looking Nick to get in the picture.

It's at this point that Nick apologizes ans says he can't do this, leaving the room in panic.

Nick's locked himself in a room while Jenna, her parents, and pretty much everyone who works there stands outside.

He finally comes out and he says that he loves her but, like Addison said, what about what he wants.

Dell found a little over $100,000 in unpaid bills so Addison charges him with collecting the money but gives up since it's a rough time for everyone he's talked to for various reasons.

He tells her that he quits and lets it slip that they have a floor of prime office space that they could rent and earn money from.

Sam and Naomi don't want to rent it out because their dream is to create a self-sufficient medical office including a lab and cardiology.

If the space is leased, it'd have to be for 5-10 years, thus killing their dream. Addison gets pissy because they didn't tell her about the space and Naomi digs back about Addison ruining a dying girl's dream.

Jenna and her parents show up the next day, sans Nick, determined to have her baby. Since she can't use Nick's sperm without his permission, she wants to use a sperm donor.

Pete and Naomi discuss this and Addison butts in again saying Nick should have a say in this. Being pulled away by a nurse, Pete tells Naomi that Addison is kind of right.

Addison makes an impassioned plea for Naomi the reconsider the Jenna and office space situation, stating that there are dreams and possible futures but sometimes a path must change.

Pete goes looking for Nick and finds him at the arcade, like Jenna had mentioned. He tells Nick the situation and, after Nick tells him how he really feels, Pete advises he say those same things to Jenna.

After Jenna has found a suitable donor, Naomi comes in and tells her that she can't agree to perform the procedure anymore.

Nick and Pete show up at that moment and Nick tells her that he doesn't want a baby but he does want her. They hug and it's a quasi-happy ending. You know, 'cause she's still gonna die and whatnot.

Violet and her college friend who's now running for Congress, Kara Wei, is up in the polls so her opposition is digging into her past, she asks to have her medical records destroyed.

Violet is reluctant on account of the illegality. She talks to Cooper about it and he says not to do it.

Violet has lunch with Kara and says she doesn't thing she should hide the shock therapy.

She says that Kara can help a lot of people through similar situations, adding that burying this won't do her any good health-wise.

Kara doesn't dig the idea and leaves all riled up.

Violet shows up at St. Ambrose Hospital, where Kara records are, and Cooper has followed her in an attempt to talk her out of it.

With no ID, the nurse in charge can't give Violet the records but Charlotte shows up and vouches for her.

Pulling Cooper away to talk, Violet walks away with the file.

After looking at Kara's records, she goes to confront her.

Turns out Kara's mother was super abusive and Kara killed her in self-defense as well as to protect her little brother.

The legal records were sealed (which Kara already disposed of) and Violet makes one last plea for her to do the right thing, placing the file on her desk.

Kara picks up the file and starts shredding without a hint of remorse.

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