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Sam and Naomi are getting it on.

Pete and Addison are at the gym working out their frustrations - Addison's with Officer Kevin and the embarrassing voicemail as well as missing Naomi, and Pete's feeling old after sleeping with Jody the Temp.

Cooper and Charlotte are in the bath, and Cooper is discussing how he feels he's a drag on the practice.

After a minor knee injury, Addison finds Dell working at the hospital. He asks about Oceanside, and Addison tells him Naomi misses him.

Charlotte corners Addison on her way out, offering her a surgery and her own OR for the day. Addison declines, but sort of reluctantly.

Sam tells Violet she's taking her sweet time with patients, and that she needs to step up the doctoring, to bring in more money.

Violet scoffs at him with Naomi, who admits to Violet that she's not really in the position to agree, since she's sleeping with Sam, "the enemy."

She's lost her position of authority, and her best friend in the process, and now she's sleeping with the enemy.

Violet tells her she doesn't want to hear it.

Later, Addison realizes that a surgery is just what she needs. She heads back out the hospital and runs into Officer Kevin bearing donuts.

Pete treats a firefighter, Frank, for PTSD but he has his own way to cope with the stress - wearing womens' underwear. He wants to be cured of it because he's scared of his men finding out.

Pete wants him to see a therapist, but Frank refuses.

Violet's newest patient is a sleep-deprived widow, worried about her teenage son, Jessie. The mom is reluctant to share the source of her insomnia, but later admits that Jessie killed their dog and may be a sociopath.

Addison dons the scrubs, much to Charlotte's, delight. Addison accuses her of wooing with surgery, and Charlotte doesn't deny it.

Addison meets with Kevin for a quick sandwich in between surgeries, and she explains how surgery, "cutting people open," calms and centers her.

Kevin then asks her out to dinner on a real date.

Charlotte pointedly tells Addison that she's a surgeon and Addison says she will think about staying on at the hospital. After her fourth surgery of the day, she finds Dell, who calls her a badass.

Cooper's new patient is a one-year-old with an insanely big head, and the baby's mom is scared that the child's head is way too big.

Charlotte puts Cooper in his place by telling him that being a pediatrician isn't something to be mocked - he just has to go out there and be the best pediatrician he can be. It's good advice.

Violet tries talking to Jessie. She's not sure he's a true sociopath, but Cooper points out that she doesn't want to "miss Columbine."

She heads back in to try and crack Jessie. She says she can't see where he's a clear threat. But something is clearly amiss.

Naomi tracks Dell down and tells him she misses him. He blows her off. But she apologizes for treating him like crap. She wants him to come back.

Frank ends up in the ER with severe burns, and Pete is called because Frank won't let anyone touch him even though he can't breathe. Pete saves his life, but all of the men are staring at Frank.

Pete tells him that wearing a bra and panties isn't the worst thing ever, but if he does want to talk about it, therapy will help.

Addison is confronted by a patient's spouse, who's scared of Addison's manic pace around the OR. He asks what his wife's name is, Addison doesn't know.

She thanks Charlotte for the job offer, but turns it down.

Violet heads to Jessie's school, and is confronted by Jessie, wielding a baseball bat. She demands to know what happened to the dog.

He tells her that the dog had cancer, and that he didn't want his mother to have to pay for the treatment, or even for putting him down.

He breaks down in front of her, and takes responsibility for the dog, and for his own actions. Not a sociopath, just a bit troubled.

Violet confronts Naomi about using her as her "Addison" and demands that Naomi works it out with Addison, and stop sleeping with Sam as well.

Dell storms back to Oceanside but Sam says he won't hire him back. Naomi throws a lovely fit, telling Sam she's done being the sounding board.

Sam agrees to rehire Dell.

Kevin shows Addison his method of calming - guns. 

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Private Practice Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Addison (on her lunch break at the hospital): Just so we're clear, this is not a date, this is a sandwich between surgeries.
Kevin: The point is we're getting to know each other without all that dating crap.
Addison: Is this what you've been working on, that's kept you from calling?
Kevin: I watched two people die, count me in for a bad week.
Addison: Yeah, I've been having one of those myself, not people dying just people not talking to me, people not talking to each other, all the people in my office are walking around pissed off and nobody's talking about it. That's why I'm here cutting people open.
Kevin: Letting out your hostilities?
Addison: Actually, you put a scalpel in my palm and I feel centered, all the other problems in the world just fall away.

(Addison on her way to the hospital)
Kevin: Addison?
Addison: Oh hey it's you.
Kevin: Swat guy.
Addison: Yeh hey hey ah listen about that message I left...
Kevin (laughs): That was am...
Addison: Humiliating
Kevin: No, I liked it.
Addison: Yeah, well that explains a lot, you torture women to the point of them calling you and leaving horrifying messages because you like it? You're, you're sick.
Kevin: I'm sorry, I've been working like a dog, I get on a case and I promise to do better. I came to woo.
Addison: Woo?
Kevin (shows Addison a box of donuts): I've got sprinkles.
Addison: This is you wooing?
Kevin: This is me being charmed by your rambling and incoherent message and asking you to lunch.
Addison: I'm ah, off to surgery.
Kevin: Don't write me off, get to know me.