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The morning after the big hookup, a relaxed Violet is cornered by Cooper, who knows straight out that she's had sex.

But he doesn't get that it was with Pete.

Pete and Violet are intense. The chemistry is running high. After a moment in the elevator, Pete runs into Meg, who is back in town!

She's missed him, but Pete can't say the same, and Violet definitely can't either. At dinner, Meg tries to get a solemn Pete to talk.

She asks him if they're okay, and he says that they are. The next day, Pete approaches Violet, and they try to come to some kind of resolution.

Violet says that if Pete is planning a future with Meg, he needs to suffer in silence instead of telling her the truth.

Later, Violet follows Pete back into his office. Then Meg walks in on Violet and Pete in the middle of a rather passionate kiss.

She turns around and leaves, and Pete runs after her. Pete says he didn't mean to hurt her, but Meg replies that he did.

Cooper's 12-year-old patient Porter is diabetic and on an insulin pump, and he's not been taking care of the tubing and gets a bit of an infection.

Cooper presses him on it, and finds out that he and his father, Frank, have been sleeping in their car, driving around looking for work.

Cooper tries to get Frank to understand that Porter needs a new pump in order to survive, and it will require a few days to get one in.

When Cooper calls in the old pump information, he finds out it's registered to someone else. Cooper calls the doctor who prescribed the pump, and finds out the kid the pump was registered to was kidnapped and all of Porter's stats match up to the kidnapped child.

Cooper wants to talk to Porter, but Sam wants to call the cops immediately.

Porter and Frank comes back, and Cooper gets Porter (also known as Evan) to talk. Evan's mother's boyfriend was abusive, and Frank took him to protect him.

During their conversation, Evan's blood sugar tanks, and he has a seizure. Frank begs Cooper to save Evan, saying he's all he has.

Evan is rushed to the hospital, where Cooper pointedly tells Frank that his priority is Evan, and not to move. Evan stabilizes, and Cooper and Frank sit down to discuss the situation.

Cooper wants him to turn himself in, but Frank refuses.

Charlotte overhears them, and asks if there's a problem. Both men stop talking, but Charlotte realizes that something's fishy.

When Evan wakes up, Cooper explains that the cops need to be called, but that he will do everything he can to make it okay.

Evan asks why he can't just let them go.

Later, Charlotte corners Cooper and says that she's put two-and-two together, and called cops to save his medical license, but Cooper accuses her of calling them just to get even with him breaking up with her.

Just before the cops show up, Cooper gets Frank and Evan out the door. Later, Charlotte confronts Cooper about helping Frank and Evan escape, but says that she covered for him, and now they're even on the whole ethics thing.

Addison's patient, Carly, is saving up for med school by working as a high-priced call girl.

She's worried she may have picked up an STD, along with some of her call girl friends.

Addison expresses some mild concern, much like someone would over a hangnail, and invites the rest of the girls over for check-ups.

Later, the call girl contingency shows up like a sorority party in the lobby.

Violet, and others, are upset that Addison is only treating their physical symptoms, and not addressing the larger issue of prostituting themselves, and Kevin agrees with them, citing various stats about their futures.

Addison says that they're smart girls, just doing this for a few months.

Later that evening, Carly calls Addison and tells her she's been hit by a client, but she's scared of the cops.

Addison, who still doesn't freak out, gets up to head out, but Kevin stops her, telling her it's not that simple, and he's not going to let her go by herself. She goes anyway, but takes Sam with her.

When they arrive, they find Carly badly beaten. Her lung is punctured, and to release the pressure in her chest, Addison does a Pulp Fiction-style needle-to-the-chest move.

Carly doesn't want to go to the hospital because she's on her parents' insurance.

Addison, continuing the uncharacteristic enabling, tells her that is she says she's Jane Doe and pays in cash, they won't ping the insurance.

The next morning, Addison comes to her senses, and tries to get Carly to quit the business. Carly asks her point blank how many jobs and loans she needed to become a doctor.

Addison can't answer that, but threatens to call Carly's parents, even if it does break the doctor/patient privilege.

After thinking it over, Addison returns to talk to Carly some more.

She tells her that our actions do define us, and her actions aren't simply a means to an end. She says that she might want to think she's a student doing what she needs to do, but in truth, she's a hooker.

Addison then says that Carly's choices leave her no choice but to not be her doctor anymore.

Dr. Lockhart pays a visit to Naomi. His patient Claudia has stage 2 lung cancer, and through his chemo and radition treatments, she's in remission.

She now wants to get pregnant, and Lockhart wants Naomi to help her - but as a consultant - not as her primary doctor. Naomi originally balks at not being Claudia's primary doctor, and working for Charlotte's practice, but is intrigued by the challenge.

Addison and Sam aren't happy about Naomi helping the enemy.

Before Naomi can make up her mind, Lockhart brings Claudia down for a face-to-face with her. Naomi asks to talk to Claudia alone.

She is worried about Claudia carrying a child, but Claudia makes a heartfelt plea, asking Naomi to give her a chance.

Naomi gets emotional, and mad, and heads back to talk to Lockhart about being ambushed. Lockhart corners her again, speaking to her sense of adventure, getting her to want to help Claudia.

Naomi talks to Violet about it, concerned she's being "bad" but Violet (who still has sex on the brain) can't focus on anything but Pete long enough to help Naomi out.

Naomi decides to work with Lockhart. Addison and Sam aren't happy about it, but Naomi says she wants to be inspired again.

Sam says she's selling out, and Addison says that once you start doing something, you can't stop.

Violet tells Cooper that she slept with Pete, but he doesn't believe her. Sam and Lockhart have their own elevator moment, where Sam threatens to hurt him if he hurts Naomi. Discuss in our Private Practice forum!

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Private Practice Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Cooper: Hey Pete have you ever paid for sex?
Pete: Don't have to.

Violet: I slept with Pete! (she pauses) There, I told you.
Cooper: You know, I expected better from you.
Violet: I'm sorry. It just happened -
Cooper: You know what? If that's how you want to play it, fine.
Violet: What are you talking about?
Cooper: When you're ready to be mature and tell me who you really slept with I'll be around for you, Violet.
Violet: I'm not lying to you. I really slept with Pete.
Cooper: Okay. (he steps out the door)
Violet: Where are you going?
Cooper: I don't want to be late for my date with Angelina Jolie.