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Violet is rushed to the hospital unconscious and severely injured, after the violent attack from her insane patient Katie.

Addison and Naomi fight to save her life, while the whereabouts and condition of Violet's stolen baby are unknown.

The episode opens in true Shonda Rhimes fashion, with Pete standing over a coffin. OMG, Violet is totally dead, right?

Wrong. This is a flashback, and it's the body of his wife that Pete is staring down at. Ah, made-for-fake-spoiler moments.

A lot of the narrative for the premiere is obviously driven by Violet's attack and the aftermath, and that has to do with all of the relationships in the practice - Violet's with Cooper, Addison's with Naomi, and Pete's with everyone.

She is found just minutes after she was cut open and her baby stolen. Hopefully soon enough after that she can be saved. But we will have to wait for that resolution.

The story of Pete and Violet's connection was also told through flashbacks of his early days at Oceanside, where he was brought in shortly after the death of his ex-wife.

It turns out that while he didn't want her dead, he wasn't exactly dismayed by it either, and all he could think about was that he could breathe again.

He told Violet about how the night he found her dead, she was curled up in bed and he thought they were in one of their many, many fights, so he sat their silently, then berated her for five minutes with no response.

Pete only then found out that his spouse had passed away in her sleep.

It is this moment and his reaction to it that haunted him for so long. Violet tries to help him as his psychiatrist and his friend. She says that maybe he married the wrong person. He says that maybe he's not the marrying type.

Back in the present day, Violet is on her last legs and Pete says he should have done more. Sheldon says that WE should have done more, that he is still involved too.

Pete says she chose him. But Cooper is perhaps the most dejected, as her best friend in the world, and the one who knows her best.

In the operating room, Addison is faced with a difficult decision because saving Violet likely requires removing her uterus, making her unable to have any more children. Pete and Sheldon both agree that the goal is to save Violet.

Cooper interjects that Violet would want her uterus to be saved. He's her best friend and he would certainly know. The doctors proceed as he feels they must.

Katie and the baby mysteriously show up at the hospital. Katie asks if anyone has heard about Violet and says that she had her baby, acting like all is normal.

Cooper calmly says he needs to run a test on the baby to make sure it's okay, and gets her to hand it over. Then they call the authorities and haul Katie away.

Once they recover the baby, though, they decide that Violet must be saved as the primary objective. Addison is running back and forth trying to save both Violet and the baby and has Naomi running point for her, doing procedures she hasn't done since medical school. It's a stressful situation to say the least.

In the end, though, Addison is able to bring her back and when Pete hands Violet the baby at the end, it's a magical moment.

How will these two react and face the fallout in the future?

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Private Practice Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Violet lives. Save Violet. That is the goal here.


Sheldon: We. WE are in love with Violet. We are the possible father of her baby. We are the ones who ignored her concerns about Katie. WE, you smug, arrogant bastard!
Pete: But I'm the one she chose.