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Kayla, the surrogate coma patient carrying three babies, indirectly introduces us to Amelia Shepherd, sister of Derek, and her boss, the brilliant Dr. Geraldine Ginsberg.

When Dr. Ginsberg says she can’t help the patient, Amelia offers an option of hope. This ticks off Dr. Ginsberg, who promptly fires Amelia.

Both Addison and Vanessa are against the surgery. It’s just too risky. But Charlotte signs off on it and Sam will be in the OR.

Amelia gets angry when Addison brings the prospective parents of the three babies by to guilt her out of operating.

She accuses Addison of settling in her personal life and now with her patients, too.

As Amelia operates on Kayla’s brain, a blood clot puts all three babies in distress. Sam has to repair the clot, but the babies won’t survive the procedure.

Addison has to get them out them now. The third baby is not breathing. Vanessa offers to help, but Addison tosses her out of the OR.

She performs CPR on the infant and, after a few tense moments, the baby takes a breath.

After Sam repairs the clot, it’s up to Amelia to finish the surgery. But she’s having a bout of self-doubt. Sam gives her a little tough love speech to help her get back on track.

Kayla is not responsive after surgery. Eddie believes that his wife is in pain. When Amelia checks her, she realizes that Kayla is not having a pain response.

No, this type of response means that she’s waking up.

Addison lectures Amelia about getting lucky after such a risky procedure.

Sheldon bails on a sex education seminar at a retirement center, Charlotte asks Cooper to pinch hit.

After a lecture, an elderly man named Oscar asks for help. He’s been having some pain during intimacy.

Unfortunately, that’s because he has prostate cancer. Oscar wants to continue his intimate relations with his lady friend, Nora. Radiation therapy would hinder that.

He opts not to have any treatment.

Charlotte asks Cooper to talk to Oscar. He does. As it turns out, Oscar worries about being less of a man. Cooper tells a tale of how he pushed away the woman he loved because he was feeling emasculated.

He admits that he was wrong.

Fife admits to Pete that he slept with Naomi and told her about William’s illness. Cooper is also spilling details about his issues with Charlotte. Pete comes home wondering when he became the man that other men tell their problems to. Addison doesn’t have an answer, but she does have another problem to toss his way. It’s about that time he thought she was Violet while in a feverish state. That time he said, “I love you.”

Pete tells Addison he will always love Violet, as she’s the mother of his child. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her. He’s moved on. He’s happy. That makes Addison happy. Lucas looks happy, too.

But ding dong, it’s Violet at the door.

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