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Addison wants to talk to Sam about how she is seeing someone (he doesn't know who) but a baby about to be born prematurely interrupts.

The baby is 25 weeks old and stands a slim chance of survival. Addison suggests that they don't allow it to suffer. The parents, Pete and Naomi are want to fight.

Sadly, surgery doesn't go well and in the end, the parents come to realize she's right, a miracle isn't in the cards. They cry as they hold their baby for the first - and last - time.

Cooper thinks Charlotte's new man is abusing Oxycontin.

When she rebuffs him (who saw that coming), he confronts the guy himself. Cooper convinces him to talk to Violet, who thinks he has a real problem.

Charlotte is still unmoved until he messes up at work and she steps up. Coop was right.

At Maya's wedding (more on that shortly), Coop and Charlotte end up hooking up!

Naomi won't come to the wedding, and her dad, while a little more supportive, is not acting very happy about it.

Dink's mom is there to pick up the slack and is trying to put a positive spin on the wedding at every turn. But what Maya really wants is her own mother.

Naomi is boycotting the event, though.

Dell gives Sam a dressing down about being there for Maya and he does the same to Naomi about putting her differences aside.

The gist: Don't miss your daughter's wedding.

At the wedding, Addison tells Nae she did nothing wrong. Sam's big toast about being Maya's "anyway" friend is a big hit.

Because no matter what happens, he loves her anyway. Cute.

Sam tells Addison he doesn't want to see her because of Pete. Period.

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