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Our Oceanside doctors were faced with boundaries in their personal situations and medical cases. While Sheldon falls for Dr. Marla Phillips, a critic who negatively reviewed Violet’s book, Cooper finds that he wants to be as accomplished as the other doctors.

Addison and Pete help a patient who is the surrogate for her sister and brother-in-law. To complicate things even more, the patient is also in a relationship with the brother-in-law. Meanwhile, Cooper and Sam unsuccessfully tried to convince parents and their son that his health is more important than his wrestling career.

Addison takes a pregnancy test, and the results are negative. She becomes upset when she sees that Sam was not also upset about the test result and needs to know when he will decide if he wants a child or not as she desperately wants a child in her future.

Private Practice
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Private Practice Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Auntie Amelia - Even though you divorced my brother, I'm still going to be your kid's aunt, right?


Amelia: Are you late?
Addison: Yes, but I can't be. You don't think...
Amelia: You're preggers! This is awesome.