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Private Practice wrapped up its fourth season with “…To Change the Things I Can.”

The doctors of Oceanside Wellness were faced with a tough decision – to point out all areas of vulnerability within the practice and risk the termination of some of their own, or to dissolve the practice and each go their separate way. In the end, they agreed to dissolve Oceanside Wellness and start anew and fresh as a family.

Meanwhile, Addison has a new admirer in town who offers her a very tempting Fiji vacation which she denies. Though Sam and Addison end up back in each other’s arms, Addison lets him know that she will move forward to have a baby of her own.

Charlotte is assigned to a case that hits very close to home while Cooper helps a father with his dying daughter. Amelia slowly falls further from sobriety, and Naomi decides to move her family to New York with Fife.

Violet runs away from problems at the practice and goes on a book tour leaving Pete frustrated. The episode ends with Pete shockingly falling to the ground possibly suffering a heart attack with only Lucas nearby.

Private Practice
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Private Practice Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

I met a guy over a pineapple. It makes me feel like my life is changing.


I'm not clinically depressed. Don't write down that I'm depressed. I have a good life, great job. I love my job, I do. I can't imagine doing anything else. The rest of my life is fine. It's fine. It's just I miss him. I'm missing him. I'm missing my life. I'm disconnected from my life like it's a really boring movie that I don't want to watch, but I spend all day long helping other people have a life. And I can deal with that, I can if I just knew that something was going to change. Something has to change, right? When is my life going to change?