Private Practice Season Finale Review: Starting (Mostly) Fresh

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I'm feeling a bit underwhelmed with last night’s Private Practice season finale.

While "...To Change the Things I Can" had all the ingredients - with its hookups, break ups and farewells - I just wasn’t feeling it. Then again, maybe it’s because I didn’t like several of the end results. Let's dig in...

First off, I was thrilled to hear that Benjamin Bratt would make an appearance. For weeks, I thought just maybe he's the one to make Addie happy. And it seemed that way when his character, Conner, and Addison totally hit it off at the grocery store.

Benjamin Bratt on Private Practice

I loved the pineapple scene and thought they definitely had chemistry. So, then can somebody please tell me why on earth Sam and Addison are back together?!

They’ve already been down this road. It’s honestly time to try a different route.

I was almost certain that Addie was starting afresh and am a bit disappointed that she’s back with Sam. I’m not quite sure what to think will happen to these two next season.

At least Addison told Sam that she had every intention of having a baby whether she was with him or not. Anyhow, I’m not so sure that I could have passed up a 14-day vacation in Fiji.

When Violet found out that her license was being suspended by the medical board, I’ll admit I was a little happy. I’ve grown tiresome of her character and was ridiculously glad Pete told her: “This is not just about you!”

I have been thinking this for quite some time now.

I was even happier when Violet finally left for her book tour, but understood how frustrated Pete was with her.

At first, I found it hard to believe that she would just run away like that with the way things were going with the practice, but I quickly remembered this was Violet. She’s become extremely selfish and self-centered and has stressed Pete out repeatedly.

Poor Pete, though! It looked as though he was suffering a serious heart attack. Do you think he’ll make it? Here’s Violet’s chance to redeem herself and make it in the nick of time to save Pete’s life. I really hope that he will be all right. 

While Amelia was taking a few steps backwards from her sobriety, Charlotte tried to get her to AA meetings throughout the installment. Although I am pleased that Amelia finally has a storyline, I felt that it was slightly rushed. Surely, there will be a long road of struggle and recovery, but I just wish we had seen more of it as the season is now already over.

It was nice to see Betsey and Naomi together, but I couldn’t help but wonder how Betsey was so quick to call Naomi her mother right away like that. I was surprised that Fife proposed, and am excited that they are all moving to New York where Mia and Olivia will also join them.

Hopefully, this leaves room for guest visits by Audra McDonald and company. By the way, I loved seeing Naomi and Addison as BFFs again!

Cooper and Charlotte were amazing as always. As doctors and newlyweds, they work incredibly well together. It took much courage for Charlotte to help her patient, and she came through like always. As for Cooper, he seemingly did the right thing by helping a father with the struggle of letting a child go.

As for season five, I look forward to more controversial topics, Sheldon getting his own storyline, and seeing Addison get her long-awaited baby. One more thing, I am glad that Addie came up with the brilliant idea to dissolve Oceanside Wellness and to start anew with a fresh, clean slate.

So, what did you think of “…To Change the Things I Can”? What would you like to see happen on the next season? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you again in the fall!

...To Change the Things I Can Review

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Private Practice Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

I met a guy over a pineapple. It makes me feel like my life is changing.


I'm not clinically depressed. Don't write down that I'm depressed. I have a good life, great job. I love my job, I do. I can't imagine doing anything else. The rest of my life is fine. It's fine. It's just I miss him. I'm missing him. I'm missing my life. I'm disconnected from my life like it's a really boring movie that I don't want to watch, but I spend all day long helping other people have a life. And I can deal with that, I can if I just knew that something was going to change. Something has to change, right? When is my life going to change?