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Megan's Book
The episode opens with Megan researching Laurel for the unauthorized biography she's writing.  When she goes to help Rose with homework she accidentally leaves her flash drive which contains her work in the girls computer and Sage discovers it.  Sage tries to use it as blackmail and ends up sending it to Laurel who gets it while she's in Tokyo before Megan can speak to her.  Upon her return, Megan and Laurel meet and Megan is told she can continue to do the biography... under Laurel's direction.  Laurel has brought another writer on board and wants Megan to start from scratch using the writer's idea.

Megan decides to write the book on her own anyway and while doing more research, she finds out a secret from Laurel's past.  She tells Laurel she knows that she had an affair on her husband while he was at war and that her child, Carolyn (the Baker twins' mother) is a child with the man she had an affair with.  OMG.  That means their paternal grandfather could still be alive.  Laurel tells Megan she has all the power now.

Rose and Sage
Sage gets a phone call back from a famous publicist, Patrica Kingston (Kathy Najimy), who agrees to meet with her for lunch the next day.  When Sage tells Rose about the meeting, Rose can't go due to a history lesson so Sage goes alone.  She finds out Patricia only wants them as a packaged deal.  Sage tries to convince Rose to still do it, but they realize they have different goals in life.  Rose still wants to go to college and Sag's priority is her career.  Rose goes to Charlie for advice and he compares it with how he felt when Megan went to Yale and he never finished college.  Rose talks to Sage and they get into a big fight.  Sage thinks she can do it without Rose.  However, the girls soon apologize and Sage admits she's jealous of Megan and Rose's relationship.  The girls decide they can try and accomplish both their dreams.  Rose will join with Sage as long as the gigs don't interfere with anything major and Sage will help Rose study.

Megan and Charlie are still in a fight and Megan tries calling Charlie who it turns out left his phone at work.  Charlie breaks up with Mandy over dinner and he says it's because he's still in love with Megan.  Mandy think Charlie is in love with the idea of Megan and uses her as an excuse to not get close to anyone else.  Megan and Charlie decide to meet in person and Charlie goes to her house.  He decides he really was angry at her because she makes him feel bad that his life is the exact same as when she left (same job, never finished college).  A lot of this was spurred by his conversations with Rose and Mandy.  The episode ends for Charlie with him going surfing with Mandy.  Maybe he can move on from Megan for the time being?

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Privileged Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Marco: Rose wanted me to tell you she's done with her reading and she's ready for your study session
Megan: Great, is sage there too?
Marco: Last I heard there were no reports of pigs flying or hell freezing over
Megan: Hmm.. think there's any chance of Laurel paying off half of my student loans if I only get Rose in Duke? ... Right, no flying pigs, hell still burning

Marco: You in here my little sunny side up?
Megan: Hey Marco
Marco: You ever gonna tell me what the clickidy clack is all about or am I going to have to wait in line on Barnes & Noble with the rest of the riff raff?

Privileged Season 1 Episode 8 Music

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Song Living In Babylon Ras Dan
Pills Pills Helene iTunes
Song All We Are Matt Nathanson iTunes