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"All About the Power Position" begins with Megan and the girls opening a package of books that arrived when suddenly there's a porno in there!  Apparently, Rose wants to learn a few tricks before her first time with Max.  After some awkward conversation, Megan takes the porn from Rose.  Megan then gets a call from Jacob... it's time for their fourth date.  This's one's going to be at his house.  It's a sex date!

The sneaky Sage goes off to visit Lily while Charlie comes over to the house to watch the game with Megan.  Oh whoops, was that today?  Sorry, she has more important things to do, like go out with Jacob.  Sage then arrives at Lily's dinky salon where the owner is more than excited to see someone from high society.  She only allows Lily to braid her hair (don't worry, she wouldn't really let her cut or color it!!) and they make plans to go to happy hour.  Meanwhile, Megan is on her date and when Jacob starts to put the moves on her she gets awkward and stiff as a board.

After her date, Megan now also wants to learn a few tricks and starts watching the porno.  Rose enters and wants to watch it with her.  Kinda weird.  They stop.   The next day when Megan runs into Will getting some coffee, Megan gets a call from Jacob, and he has to cancel their fifth date at the orchestra.  Something about a conference.   Sounds like he doesn't like his stiff as a board girlfriend.

Sage and Lily head out to to happy hour where they procede to get drunk and Sage tries to get the scoop.  Unfortunately the scoop does not exist because Megan is as clean as a nun.  Back at home, Max comes over to bang out study with Rose.  Megan tries to stop Max from going upstairs by asking if he cares about Rose.  He doesn't answer., even though Rose is standing there!  And she's still gonna sleep with him!?  Sage, bored from no information, leaves the bar and goes outside to call her driver.  While outside, she gets mugged.

While Rose and Max are making out, she gets a phone call from Sage.  When she tells Max he clearly just wants to know if she's coming back after so they can have sex.  What a sleaze!  She dumps him and goes to her sister!  When they come back, all giddy with ice cream, Megan asks about her night, and they basically push her away and say it's private.

However, the next morning Rose and Megan have a nice heart to heart about their first times.  She basically tells Rose that just because she's already had sex doesn't mean it's no longer a big deal.  It should still only be with people you care about.  Will is about to come inside, but then he gets a booty call.  Playa!

Megan finally goes to hang out with good old Charlie.  Apparently, Jacob still hasn't called since he last called to cancel.  Charlie sees his golden moment to tell her how he feels!  Right as he's about to, Jacob calls.  There really was a retreat and he's back!  Megan heads over and they get.. it... on!  Sorry Charlie.  Maybe next time.

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Privileged Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Rose: I needed a specific kind of porn... Can we go back to chemisrtry?
Megan: Why do you need a specific kind of porn? Why do you need any kind of porn. Why is porn a need? Why can't I stop saying porn?

[quizzing on Chemistry]
Megan: What is lithium?
Rose: An anti-depressant?
Megan: I was going with alkali metal...

Privileged Season 1 Episode 4 Music

  Song Artist
Cherry lips Cherry Lips Garbage iTunes
Song Why Did We Fire The Gun? Waldeck iTunes
Cassandra Cassandra Paper Rival iTunes