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The episode opens with Megan and her dad playing Scrabble when he gets a phone call from Shelby, Megan's mother.  We learn that Arthur has been talking to her since he got out of rehab (as part of the program) and she's in town for their 30th reunion and is on her way to see him.  When Megan's mom arrives, Megan seems uncomfortable and leaves.  She heads to find Lily at work but finds out she's on her honeymoon!!

Charlie and Megan are fighting about replacing his toaster when Megan comes over to tell him about Lily getting married and her mom being in town!  Mandy seems awkward and wants to leave but they insist she stays to listen.  They have a double date the next night.

When Megan comes home, Will is waiting for her, and she tells him she doesn't want to talk about her mom with him, she's discussed enough with Charlie.  Will tells her about a new philanthropy magazine her father is starting and wants her to write an article to submit.

Megan heads over to her dad's and sees her mom over there.  She tells him about Lily's marriage and when her mom asks about it, Megan gets angry and tells her she has no right.

Megan is on the phone with Charlie when Will walks in and he's clearly bothered Megan always goes to Charlie for these things.  He asks why and she says because Charlie knows all the players so it's easier.  She heads off to an interview with a tobacco heriess, Victoria, for her article for the magazine.  However, when she brings the irony of her doing charity for the victims, Victoria gets upset and leaes.

When Megan gets home, her dad is waiting for her and is upset how she's treating her mom.  He says he was the reason she left because he didn't give her what he promised her.  He tells her is he can't forgive her mom then she shouldn't have forgiven him.

At the double date, Will tries to hop in on the conversation about the family and Megan seems resentful over the advice.  When Will sees Megan talk to Charlie about it afterwards and hug him, he goes to confront Charlie.  Will asks Charlie if he stills like Megan and Charlie tells him he's not Will's problem.. the problem is Will butting into Megan's life with advice.  Megan and Mandy come out of the bathroom and see the fight.

Megan calls her mom and they meet at a shop where they bond a little and her mom gives her an idea for the magazine -- making it about the people behind the charity, not the donators.  Megan pitches her idea to Will and calls the magazine "Ripple" as in The Ripple Effect.  Will likes it and he tells her about how she needs to start being a better girlfriend. 

The episode ends with Megan going to visit her dad and seeing her mom in her robe.. she decided to stay for a little longer.

Rose and Sage

Rose and Sage go into the kitchen and Rose witnesses Sage and Luis fighting.  Marco tells Rose this is because she likes him and the two plot to get Sage and Luis together.  The next time they're in the kitchen, Rose attempts to flirt with Luis in front of Sage to make her jealous.  An angry Sage goes to Rami (in his best scene ever!) and the two of them plot to get even with Rose for her plans.

Sage invites Zachary (Dave Franco) over for "chemistry help" and then tells him the real reason he's over... cause Rose likes him!  She tells him to return that night at 6 with flowers.  Zachary returns with a huge boquet (no roses of course!) and tells her he wants to hang out with her.  Rose and Zachary look to be having a great time, but Marco reminds Rose about their plans and she immediately goes to flirt with Luis.  A disappointed Zachary leaves.

Rose comes back to their room upset that Luis left.  When Rose reveals she doesn't actually like Luis and likes Zach, Sage tells her she has Zach waiting by the pool for her. 

The next day, Sage then asks Marco where Luis is and Marco fired him because he's causing drama.  Sage is very upset and Rose keeps trying to get her to admit she misses Luis.  Rose then calls down to Luis and asks for a grilled cheese.  Sage realizes she's been played!

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Privileged Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Rose: Marco, I will pay you for a protein shake
Marco: Your mother already has that covered, but I do accept tips

Luis: the final slice of a garlic clove is the most delicate, you don't want to waste any of this
Marco: Luis, you're a sous chef, not a rabbi, just cut the garlic

Privileged Season 1 Episode 12 Music

  Song Artist
Shadow Shadow Lettie iTunes
Song Kaboom! Ursula 1000 iTunes
Song Drive Ellem