Investigating Flying Saucers
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Something strange comes out of the night sky in Flatwoods, West Virginia.

A family investigates with their dog.and come across what looks to be a crash and then they see what appears to be an alien.

Hynek is at home looking a the strange symbol from the amusement park and analyzing it, looking for answers.

His wife knocks on the door because someone is there to see him. It's Quinn. He came to pick him up to take him to Flatwoods.

Mimi is listening at the door when the son catches her. He's impressed by Quinn. Hynek tells Mimi he's got to go out of town again, but he can't share what he's doing.

Hynek reads the report to Quinn as they drive to Flatwoods. They get close to town and the road is blocked by locals. The cops show up and he wants to know who they are and how long they're going to be in town.

They go to Sarah May's house and she wants Hynek to look at her kids who are burned by the heat of the fire. Hynek tends to them. He asks the kids about the pictures they drew of the alien.

Sarah tells her story.

Susie is developing the pics she's taken of the Hyneks.

Someone is in her house. it might be a boyfriend.

Sarah takes the two to where the spaceship crashed as she continues her story. Sarah leaves them as they investigate and take pictures. Hynek climbs a tree to get a better look at the site when he sees the Man in the Black Hat and falls.

Susie visits Mimi and takes her out. She wants Mimi to show her around town.

Hynek is using a Geiger counter that is going crazy and they find a piece of the burning spaceship. Hynek thinks it was the meteor. The Air Force has sent people to get the meteor piece to bring back to base.

Susie is providing Mimi with excitement. She convinces Mimi to switch seats with her so she can drive...while Mimi is still driving. Mimi also smokes.

Hynek tells the Sarah the spaceship was a meteor and that everyone is going to be fine.

Quinn wants Hynek to stop talking and close the case. Hynek wants to investigate the creature.

The guy from Susie's house taps Hynek's office while Susie and Mimi visit a speakeasy that has a clientele base that Mimi isn't used to -- like kissing girls. She ts hit on a woman before she books out while Susie is in the bathroom.

Hynek and Quinn visit a mental hospital to talk with another woman (Miss Myers) who was a witness to the crash. Hynek shows her the drawing of the alien. 

Myers tells them the "men in hats" came to talk with her earlier.

Hynek and Quinn are at a restaurant. Hynek doesn't think anyone's lying about the monster because there were two witnesses. Quinn wants to know if Hynek believes in alien life.

They find out that Sarah talked to the press and they head over to her house. Hynek is concerned for the family.

The locals have surrounded her house. They're all angry at Sarah's stories. One of them tries to fight Quinn and takes him down and pulls a rifle while Hynek goes in the house to check on the family.

Quinn calls Harding who's not happy about the situation. Quinn wants to leave but Hynek wants to help the family and find out the truth about the monster.

He figures something out and wants to test his theory. They go back to the crash site. Hynek starts making noise and sets a trap for an owl which he believes is the Flatwoods monster.

The next day, they tell the town what they discovered and gives them an answer about the monster in order to calm the town down. Hynek gets a round of applause for his logical and scientific explanation. It seems to satisfy the crowd and the media.

Then Hynek sees the Man in the Black hat who gets in his car and takes off before Hynek can get to him. Hynek isn't done yet. They go to visit Miss Myers once more. She tells them that the black hats told her he was coming. They also left an envelope for Hynek which he opens while Quinn is outside. Hynek doesn't knw what the picture is and why he has it. 

Hynek leaves and Quinn tries to convince Hynek that it's not real. Meanwhile, the Black Hat Man is with Miss Myers. Then she ends up on the ground outside the window in front of them -- either jumped or pushed.

Hynek is in a meeting with Harding and Valentine about Project Blue Book. Hynek still isn't convinced it was all and asks if there was a larger sample of he meteor. Harding tells him the case is over. 

Hynek gets home. Mimi and Joel are playing Scrabble. Hynek has a new telescope for Joel and they set it up. Mimi figures out what Hynek is doing.

Quinn calls Hynek to check on him because of Miss Myers. Quinn gives him an explanation that she was off her meds. Hynek looks at the picture again - an obelisk with drawings. Susie and her friend are listening in.

Harding and Valentine are concerned that Hynek might not fall in line. They're headed to the airbase where the items from the crash site are stored...and there is a spaceship!









Project Blue Book
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Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Quinn: I thought you just studied the sky.
Hynek: When I was seven, I contracted a severe case of Scarlet Fever. I didn't leave my bed for almost a year. I read the entire Encylopedia Brittanica. Twice.

Next time, Doc, let me do the talking.