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An air traffic controller in Lubbock, Texas is talking to his girlfriend when he notices something strange and asks the aircraft to identify itself when all the lights go out in the city. Then a strange object is seen.

A guy is giving a lecture about UFOs and that the government is hiding something. Hynek is listening to the broadcast. The man in the hat is in the audience. The guy talking believes the government is preparing for an invasion.

The speaker was Mr. Keyhoe and is visited by a guy in a hat (not the hat guy) who has a story for him. The lecturer agrees to talk with the guy and pay him if it's worthy. The guy tells him about the Lubbock lights. While they're talking, a man in a hat is taking pictures.

Hynek goes to Joel's room but he's not in bed, he's sleeping in the closet. He says he's hiding from spacemen after reading about them in a magazine. Hynek gets a phone call.

Nurses are listening to a radio program about communism. Hynek is with Quinn at the hospital to visit Tom, the air traffic controller, who called in the UFO sighting. He is in a coma. His girlfriend, Gina, is telling them what happened. The whole town saw the V-shaped ship. Then Tom grabs Hynek's hand as he goes into convulsions and there's an electrical shock that is clearly visible. Something is trying to tell him something.

Mimi is cleaning up outside when she notices her neighbor's bomb shelter. The neighbor is bringing supplies into the shelter. She tells Mimi about the shelter and how easy it is to put together and how it's available at the hardware store. It's pure lunacy.

Hynek and Quinn go to Tom's truck to investigate. His truck is nearly crushed and the cop says when he was found Tom's hands were stuck to the wheel and had to be pried off. Hynek is trying to come up with an explanation. The cop tells them about the blackout.

They visit Texas Tech University. Quinn goes to talk to a group of girls and asks one out after asking for directions. They head to the science and tech building and there is a roomful of people who were witnesses to the sighting. Every single one of them witnessed it. Hynek gets testimony from each one.

Hynek creates a grid - a composite sketch of the sightings to try to figure out what happened when a professor comes in who needs the classroom for his next class. He gives them a picture of the lights and proceeds to erase all of Hynek's work. The professor claims the lights were plovers.

Mimi goes into the hardware store to get information about building a bomb shelter. A man with a cap comes in and Mimi is paranoid that he's following her but then the store manager comes in and helps her destroying the feeling.

He's condescending as he tells her to bring the hubby but she insists.

Harding is playing chess with a guy named, Nathan. Valentine has a soldier deliver a file to him about Lubbock and he leaves his chess game.

Hynek and Quinn continue their investigation when Quinn's girlfriend from campus shows up in a car and invites him to the homecoming party. He declines.

They're taking pictures when a guy comes out with a bat and asks what they're doing. Then a group comes out and tells them that a group of men came before the spaceship showed up. They think Hynek and Quinn are Commies. Then all the lights go out on the street and the people think the flying saucers are coming back.

Hynek and Quinn go to an empty field to wait for flying saucers. Meanwhile, Mimi is reading the instructions on how to build the bomb shelter when someone tries to get into her house through the front door.  It's Susie.

For some reason, Mimi doesn't even question what Susie was doing and invites her in for tea and tells her about the bomb shelter.

Hynek and Quinn talk about the stars and how many stars there are.  Quinn wants to leave and he goes to his car when it starts up by itself and things go haywire. Hynek is still outside writing notes and doesn't notice right away. When he finally does, he tries to help but Quinn warns him away and then it stops as a spaceship flies over them.

They go to the airport the next day to find out if anything happened and look at a map and try to track the spaceship and the track of blackouts that followed the flight pattern. 

The lecturer from earlier is taken by a couple of guys in hats to a room to be questioned. he's threatened with a gun and told not to write any articles except the ones they want him to write. Harding is behind a screen watching.

Susie is helping Mimi build the bomb shelter when Mimi sees the guy in the cap. Susie goes to investigate but the guy is gone.

 A guy comes into the conference room where Harding and Valentine are and yell at him for intimidating the lecturer. His name is bill and he threatens to go to the president if they don't stop.

Valentine tells Harding about Lubbock. They then call the two into the conference room and tells them about a top secret military craft and they need to come up with a cover story so the it doesn't get out. But Hynek questions about the blackout and the car incident. Harding gets pissed. Quinn goes along with it.

Hynek is annoyed. he goes home but can' get into the house. His key isn't working. Mimi opens the door and Hynek finds out that Mimi changed the locks on the door. She tells him that someone was following him. 

Mimi and Joel show Hynek the bomb shelter. 

Quinn is drinking when his desk lamp light blows. He's a little unnerved.

Hynek is just as unnerved about what happened and writes his thoughts in his journal. he believes the secret aircraft explanation is indeed a cover up.

Harding is concerned about Hynek -- that he might be a problem. 









Project Blue Book
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Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Hynek: What are you doing in the closet?
Joel: Hiding.
Hynek: From what?
Joel: Spacemen.

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Just the idea of nuclear war is pure insanity.