An Enigma
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The army enters a nuclear testing site in Nevada, a fake town when a launch alarm goes off. The men scramble back to their cars and leave. One of the trucks can't get out because it broke down, but the launch aborted on its own just like it started on its own.

The men get out of their truck when the sky turns dark and green fireballs streak across the sky.

Hynek is in bed thinking about Fuller when he shows up in a vision. He's talking, but Hynek can't hear anything. He closes his eyes then opens them again and Fuller is gone.

Hynek is working on something in his office when Mimi comes in and they have an argument. Susie is listening.

Hynek and Quinn go to the site in Nevada. Hynek tells Quinn the green fireballs are meteors.

Quinn and Hynek question the two soldiers about what they saw. Hynek still believes they saw meteors.

The Secretary of Defense comes in and talks to Hynek about the meteors. He's in charge and tells them Harding isn't involved. Hynek had arranged for it o do it all behind Harding's back.

Susie meets with her "husband" and she tells them what Hynek is doing in Nevada. He thinks their work is done, she doesn'. She starts speaking Russian when Mimi's neighbor shows up. They exchange pleasantries. Susie has 48 hours to get evidence or she's gone from Ohio.

Hynek sets up cameras at the fake town to record the fireballs. Quinn finds the cigarette the guy from the army base threw and Quinn goes chasing after him.

They take Sgt. Edward in for questioning. They want to know why he was at the test site. He tells them about how he got at the test site. Quinn doesn't believe him.

Mimi and Susie have lunch and Mimi spills details. Susie convinces Mimi to break into Allen's office.

Allen is at the test site readying his cameras when something starts happening but it's a Fuller vision again.

Quinn breaks into Sgt. Edward's apartment. He finds passports and a journal under the floorboards. He akes pictures of everything. 

Hynek is on the ground when Fuller helps him up. Fuller tells him about a church in town where they can talk. Then he leaves. The fireballs arrive and Hynek no longer thinks they're meteors.

Mimi and Susie find Allen's journal and start reading. Mimi wants some time alone and Susie leaves. Someone knocks on the door. It's the neighbor looking for Mimi. Susie sends her away.

Quinn learns from Valentine and Harding that Sgt. Edwards is a Russian spy. Harding tells Quinn they think the green fireballs might be Soviet satellites and Hynek's camera project which convinces Quinn to work against Hynek.

Quinn tells Hynek the project is shut down. Hynek tells Quinn the fireballs weren't meteors. They argue.

Hynek goes to the church Fuller told him about. It's not Fuller but a man in the hat that was at the test site. He tells Hynek the fireballs were not meteors. He guesses that the fireballs are Russian surveillance. The man gives him a set of keys.

Hynek meets with Harding, Quinn, and Valentine to inform them that the fireballs are nothing more than meteors. Harding threatens Hynek. Hynek leaves to check out what the keys are for. Hynek finds a strange object -- like a huge key puzzle.

Susie tells her husband what she found in Hynek's office. Experimental weapons and mind control. He wants the journal. He also has a job for her. He killed the neighbor and wants her to get rid of the body.

Fairchild visits with Sgt. Edward.

Hynek arrives back home. He apologizes to Mimi for his bad behavior earlier, but they make up. Later he tells her they are going to work as a team and he shows her the object and that they are going to find out what it is together.









Project Blue Book
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Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

There are things I just can't tell you. I just can't.


Quinn: You know people start spotting these green fireballs from Mars...
Hynek: They're not from Mars. They're meteors.