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-The designers are sent to a pet supply store to buy materials for their next look.

-Tim warns the designers that, although allowed, using strictly fabric is frowned upon.

-Bert decides to play it safe since he has immunity and uses all fabric.  Even with it, his outfit is boring.

-The top three are Anthony with a birdseed dress, Oliver with a dog bed top and hamster bedding skirt, and Josh M's aquarium beaded outfit.

-The bottom three are Bryce's puffy blue wee wee pad dress, Josh C's umbrella dress, and Falene's brown and orange plastic plant dress.

-The winner - Oliver whose dress is considered modern and chic.

-Who's going home?  Josh C. for being boring while using predictable fabrics.


Project Runway
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Project Runway Season 9 Episode 2 Quotes

I'm leaving the clown stuff to the other designers.


I used to have rabbits when I was young but they all died.