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Zed gets a letter of acceptance for a school in his home country.

One of Ivan's employees is wearing a recording device at the time he drops dead, downloading exabytes of data, which is about the size of the entire library of congress in mere seconds. However, He needed to have seen the images during his life to have been able to encode the data with his own version of an imprint.

When Cat watches the images, she gets a look of such sorrow on her face that Ivan wonders if she recognizes something from her own experience, making Janel and Zed wonder exactly what he's talking about. She acknowledges to them she believes in near-death experiences, but doesn't believe that they necessarily mean there is life after death or that the two are related.

When they clean up the images when Ethan died, there is an image of his mother welcoming him with open arms. At first, as she is seen with green surrounding her, Cat thinks it might be the woman she saw. She realizes instead it's something else entirely, but equally significant.

They realize that Ethan had a DEATH experience and while Will reaching out to Cat is what sent her back to life, it's what welcomed Ethan to whatever's next. With the volume of data they have to examine, it could take years, but they could quite easily have the key to life after death.

Charles tells Ivan, meanwhile, that he has a mass on his brain. There isn't a lot of good news that goes along with it. Either stopping the treatment for his cancer to remove the tumor or treat the tumor and significantly tamper his mental faculties.  

Ethan's wife is disgusted by the team scouring her life, her memories in search of an afterlife. For the first time, Cat is interested in keeping the studies going, and suggests Ethan, too was a scientist.

Julie, Ethan's wife, is suing Turing Industries. She wants them to destroy the data. Ivan believes that trying the case in the court of public opinion may be her only case. 

Len can't believe Ivan Turing is walking out of Cat's house at 8:30 in the morning. 

The family begins to clean out Will's room. They find it hard to agree on whether to keep or donate most things, but they smile and laugh about so many memories. Sophie finds love notes, although nobody knew he had a girlfriend. It surprises everybody. It's reading his private memories that makes Cat think differently about Ethan's death experience. 

Cat and Ivan argue over the ethical treatment of Ethan's data. What we leave behind and what we take to the grave; how private is it, and how private should it be when you're thinking about one of the biggest breakthroughs known to man?

Zed learns he's free from his engagement, but must pay back his $250k educational costs. That stings.

Ivan continues watching Ethan's life, but he's not as comfortable as he was with the discovery at first blush and his finger hesitates over the delete key. Ivan goes to Charles. He'll have the surgery. They start having a conversation about the potential of life after death, and Ivan wonders if Charles really thinks this is all there is. Of course not, but Charles will still fight like hell to stay in this world for as long as possible. 

Len cannot help himself from jumping into the elevator with Ivan. Ivan puts Len's fears to rest by assuring him with his limited time left on the planet, romantic entanglements are not on his agenda and while he doesn't know Len well enough to agree that he's the asshole he says, he'll agree that Cat is amazing, and if he wasn't dying, Len would have a hell of a fight on his hands.

When Ivan tells Cat about the data, she's shocked it's gone and at the permanence of it. Inside the maze is a specially prepared Thai meal from a chef he had flown in specially. He also asks her to accompany him somewhere around the world someday. When threatened, he upped his game. Len is at Cat's when she gets home. She tells him the truth about her research with Turing. Len thinks it's brilliant, except he doesn't take the research seriously, which sort of disappoints her. 

Ivan lied to Cat and didn't hit the delete key. Just when my hopes were up, he hits it. Dashed.

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Proof Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Janel: I can't believe Dr. Tyler had a near death experience and never told us about it.
Zed: That I can believe.

Cat: The image of Ethan's mother reaching out? I saw something similar in my NDE.
Ivan: I thought you said you don't recognize her.
Cat: I don't, but I saw my son reaching out to me. Ethan saw his mother. In many of the accounts of NDEs, people talk about seeing loved ones.
Ivan: So you think we could be looking at Ethan's NDE.
Cat: Maybe, except Ethan didn't have a NEAR death experience. When Will reached out to me, that's when I came back. But...
Ivan: Ethan didn't. Ethan kept going. Ethan went all the way. He crossed over.