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This week’s episode found Shawn and Gus interfering with a police sting operation in pursuit of a suspect the SBPD had been tracking for months associated with robberies from check cashing establishments. The infraction forces the Chief to sentence them to a three week crash course at the police academy.

The training, however, takes a turn when Shawn and Gus, in conjunction with their instructor, Officer Danforth (played by Ralph Macchio), get involved in a current police case, despite the explicit instruction not to do so.

They get their instructor put on probation, who is promptly replaced by Juliet, who eventually recuses herself to remain ignorant of Shawn and Gus’s continued attempts to remain involved in the case.

Eventually the duo uncovers that two college students played a part in the check cashing robberies and the episode ends with a shoot-out between the owner of the grocery store, who is also a bookie with whom the college students accumulated a considerable debt which they replaced by stealing from the check cashing chain. The owner of the check cashing chain is also involved, wanting his money back.

In the end, it becomes Officer Danforth who takes control of the situation, and eventually has his suspension lifted as a result of his bravery.

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Psych Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Can we pull people over and stuff?


I am going to have to ask you to calm down, sir, or I will have to taze you in the face.

Shawn [to Carlton]