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Christine and Muldoon have a sit down with Jimmy over his report card, which he tried to hide from them. 

Muldoon asks Bullman about the prostitute he's helping as they arrive at the morgue. Sully was found in Smitty's new Cadiallac, but Smitty is no where to be found. Muldoon thinks that it was likely somebody inside Patton's orgainzation.

Mike Muldoon calls Patton and arranges to meet.

Muldoon hassles Bullman about Fortune as they arrive at Davis' door to interview him. Davis fires a sawed off shot gun through his door, hitting Bullman. The injuries are not life threatening. Muldoon goes into the apartment after Davis, but he's already out the window and exiting the alley.

Patton visits Muldoon Sr at his home, and the two reminisce about the old days before getting down to business. Mike want's to know who killed Mr. O; Patton covers for Rusty and promises to put the word out to his organization that he wants answers. Mike isn't satisfied with that answer, and Patton encourages him to enjoy his retirement and leave the "shite" in the city. 

Christine is cooking dinner, trying to manage the kids in the cramped apartment, when she gets the call that Muldoon was involved in a shooting. She sends the kids to their room and locks herself in the bathroom in order to collect herself.

Duffy's partner is impatient to get the card game up and running. Duffy tells him to go to Brooklyn and start a game there. Deirdre's roommate is making at eyes at Duffy from the other end of the bar. She claims she and her friend are in the neighborhood for a play, but Duffy thinks it's for him.

Bullman's mother and daughter visit him at the hospital.

Babs and Duffy leave the bar, with him quickly identifying her as a privileged rich girl looking to slum it. Duffy's ready to go home with her, especially after he finds out that Deirdre is sleeping with O'Bannon.

Christine waits outside the building for Muldoon, having sent the kids to a neighbors. He reassures her that he's fine.

Kaye questions O'Bannon about Deirdre, which leads into a conversation about Mr. O. Kaye asks if Sean's heard anything.

Deirdre arrives home to find Duffy at the kitchen table and Babs passed out on the couch.

Rusty calls Kaye to set up an assignation.

Muldoon explains to Christine that if the cops find Davis they'll kill him rather than arrest him.

At the hospital, Muldoon checks up on Bullman, whose mother wants him to quit the force. 

Some kids find Smitty's body and show it to the police.

Duffy confronts O'Bannon about Deirdre. 

Muldoon calls Battalina about Smitty. Battalina got the name of the second prostitute with Mr. O on the night of his death, and plans ot try and find her. 

Deirdre and Babs have a little girl chat about their respective romantic prospects.

Lt. King, Petey Mac, and Latucci discuss what can be done to find Davis. Petey Mac comments on Agnes in a way the other two find distasteful.

Muldoon shakes down one of his informants for information on Davis.

Deirdre and O'Bannon talk about Duffy's reaction to finding out about them. O'Bannon reassures her that Duffy will be okay with them since he told her brother he was serious about her. Deirdre tells him she's not ready to settle down, that there's a lot she wants to do with her life before she thinks about getting married. 

At Kaye's for Sunday dinner, the subject of the Muldoons moving out of Hell's Kitchen comes up. Mike and Terry bicker over Mike's investigation into Mr. O's death while the women cook. Kaye questions Terry about the deaths of Mr. O's lackeys, and how they might relate to her husbands murder. Kaye decides to pursue her own leads.

Latucci and Petey Mac talk about how they got into the PMD. 

Sean and the rest of the family advocate for Jimmy's punishment to be reduced, citing Terry's own youthful indiscretions. Terry gets a call, and he and O'Bannon leave to follow a lead on Davis. Terry tells Sean to aim for the head if they find him.

At a rundown building, Muldoon and O'Bannon are searching an apartment when Davis gets the drop on Muldoon. O'Bannon tries to talk Davis down, but Muldoon keeps urging him to shoot. As Davis startts to show some hesitation O'Bannon fires multiple times.

Mike walks Christine and the kids home, and Kaye tells Ina that Rusty called her to check up on how she was doing. Ina warns her sister that Rusty is no good, and that it won't look right to outsiders.

Mike offers to help Christine and Terry with a down payment on a house if she finds something that she likes. 

Terry reams O'Bannon out for hesitating. 

A drunk Sean shows up outside of Deirdre's building, only to find another guy with her. Sean gets belligerent, kicking the guy's car, and breaking the windshield.

Chrisitine is upset that Terry went after Davis himself, and worried about the future of the family if something was to happen to him. He reassures her that they would be fine, but it raises more questions. 

Christine wakes up in the middle of the night and goes to the bathroom to cry.



Public Morals
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Public Morals Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Jesus, listen to me. Sound like some old woman, rattling her beads and moaning about her life. Good God.

Joe Patton

Look, it's hard to know where the lines are drawn with these psychos, or who their allegiances are with.

Terry Muldoon