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Lt King is picking up the take from a bar, and is told by a young man that he needs to get in touch with a woman named Tina. 

Muldoon drops his kids off at school, which is a source of concern to the children. Christine has told Jimmy that she wants to move. 

Patton is upset that the Rusty situation continues to escalate. He stresses to Tommy that he needs Muldoon on his good side. Tommy tries to make the case for all the hits, and tells Patton about the plan to take out the rest of Mr. O's crew. Tommy implies that it's time for Patton to step down, which the elder brother does not take well.

Out in the country, Richie and Elkins are hiding out with a friend of Elkins. She is not pleased with Richie's presence. 

Muldoon picks up a payoff from a guy running the docks. Dandy trys to negotiate a price reduction, and Muldoon tells him the only way that happens is to knock some guys off "the list." Dandy guesses that Davis killed Mr. O and that's why Muldoon killed him. Muldoon sets him straight.

In the car, Muldoon asks Latucci about Todesco and warns him that the captain and others are concerned about the relationship.

Agnes and her fiance visit Bullman in the hospital, and he assures them that Muldoon got the guy who shot him. They discuss wedding plans, and Bullman insists the wedding be in their parish. As they leave the hospital, Ryan complains about Bullman's treatment of him. 

Rusty visits Kaye at her apartment, bringing flowers. They had a thing back in the day and Rusty wants to start it back up again now that Mr. O is out of the picture. Kaye is hesitant, but acquiesces to a date the following night. 

King meets Tina at the hotel where she works. Her son has gotten involved with a girl who is seeing another man, and she's afraid that the other man will hurt her son. King promises to help. 

Latucci visits Todesco's neice to make the monthly pickup, and she tries to start things up with him again. In the car, Latucci is upset that Muldoon doesn't trust him.

Christine gets a call from Ina about a house in Queens. 

Duffy calls Muldoon with information about Rusty looking for Richie because Richie killed O'Reilley and Rogers. Duffy postulates that Rusty killed Mr. O with the other two. Muldoon says he'll clear Duffy with Battalina.

Elkins proposes to his girlfriend. Richie spies on them from outside the barn. 

Tommy is upset that Rusty visited Kaye. Tommy is upset that Rusty's love life and personal vendettas are jeopardizing the other plans they've made together. 

At the Bullman apartment, Muldoon fills Charlie in on the information from Duffy. They decide that Patton is the only one capable of ending the war. 

Sarah tries to get Elkins to stay with her in the country instead of returning to NYC with Richie.

Muldoon picks Jimmy up at school, but upon hearing that he did well on a test, offers the kid and his friends Knicks tickets and tells him to walk home with the other kids.

King meets with another cop to go after Sonny Blue, the guy who beat up Tina's son. 

Richie calls Theresa, who tells him about Smitty and Sully. She agrees to pick up some guns for him. 

Christine tells Terry about her planned house hunting, and he gives James the Knicks tickets. 

King and Foster pick up King's nephew to recruit him to the "special detail." 

Theresa picks up the guns. After she leaves, the gun dealer calls Rusty about finding Richie.

Rusty plans to go after Richie through Theresa, and Tommy balks. 

Fosster, King, and King's nephew take Sonny blue from a poker game. They beat him bloody in the bathroom.

Christine sneaks out of bed and checks the bag that Terry stowed away when he got home. She doesn't find anything but his gym clothes.

Theresa is in the bath when there's a knock on the door. Rusty busts in with a gun asking about Richie's whereabouts. He drowns her after she mouths off to him, then he shoots her twice for good measure.




Public Morals
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Public Morals Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Okay, so maybe you're not as freaking stupid as I've been giving you credit for all these years.

Terry Muldoon

Well, he gives most people the creeps. That's what happens when you're a psycho.

Danny Elkins