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Richie heads back upstate and neglects to tell Hopkin's fiance about his death.

Muldoon and Shea meet an informant at a church. The informant tells Muldoon about Rusty managing bars on the side, without his father's knowledge. Muldoon tells the informant that if the information pans out, he'll look into getting him back into some of the bigger action. 

Muldoon and Shea go to Rusty's side operation, a gay bar. Muldoon sends Shea in undercover to find the bar manager, Snowflake. A middle-aged man starts hitting on Shea, pointing out Snowflake.

Pattons granddaughter offers to stay in and read to him.  She selects Yeats.

Shea comes out with the intel and the two head back inside. Muldoon finds Snowflake in the office, and confronts him about the bar being off the PMD's books. Muldoon threatens to hold him responsible in addition to outing Snowflake as a gay man. Snowflake tells Muldoon that Patton is ignorant of the bar and of Rusty's other side businesses. 

Shea is confused that they're not making arrests, and Muldoon tells him that it's a stupid arrest. When Shea questions why they even bothered going to the bar, Muldoon tries to explain that there is a larger picture. 

Christine arrives home and forces the conversation about the house with Terry. He doesn't want to borrow any money from his father, which Christine doesn't understand. She asks him what's so great about Hell's Kitchen, and lays down an ultimatum: she and the kids are moving. 

Snowflake cleans out his office, packing everything into his briefcase. He calls Patton and tells him about Rusty. Patton thanks him for filling him in, and tells him to get out of town. 

Deirdre and Babs discuss Deirdre's late period and the possible father over coffee. Deirdre's pretty sure she's pregnant, but she can't go to her doctor. Babs offers to get her an appointment elsewhere, and Deirdre wonderss what to do if she with pregnant. 

Patton calls his brother about Rusty's side deals. Patton tells Tommy that Rusty is dead to him, and so is Tommy. He'll no longer protect either one of them. 

Battalina and Muldoon meet for breakfast and talk about the West Side murders. Battalina asks for Terry's help with Rusty now that he seems to be killing indiscriminately.

Tommy calls Rusty, upset about a the situation with Patton.

Terry visits the house that Christine is interested in, and the owner tries to convince him the commute isn't so bad. He asks that she keep his visit a secret. Before he leaves, he watches the neighborhood kids playing out on the lawns. 

Fortune entertains a John, who is clearly uncomfortable with hiring a prostitute. She tries to put him at ease.

At the station, Petey Mac asks Muldoon about Shea. Muldoon gives Johanson a positive report on Shea and updates him on the West Side situation. They lay out the groundwork for taking down Rusty. 

Patton's granddaughter questions why all their bags are packed. He tells her that they're both going to California, and makes her promise that she'll go to college in LA next year. He tells her that he's closing up shop, and leaving everything to her and her uncle Gerry. She questions him cutting out Rusty and Tommy, and tells him that he can't leave as he's too important to the neighborhood. He makes her promise to never come back, to not tell anyone that she's leaving, and definitely not tell anyone where she's going. He tells her he'll join her in a few days. 

Johanson calls in Shea, He alludes to Shea's father wanting something out of Shea's placement in the PMD, and to using Shea as his own inside man in the department. Johanson fills King in no Shea staying, and King advocates for bringing his nephew in as well. Johanson puts him off with a promise of "maybe in a month or two." He then mentions that somebody in the office has overstayed their welcome.

Fortune sends off her nervous gentleman, but he tries to stiff her out of $50. He gets nasty with her when she tries to stop him from leaving.

Deirdre gets confirmation that she's pregnant and leaves the doctors office in shock. Babs meets her outside and offers to find somebody to help her if that's what she wants. 

Muldoon heads to meet Patton. He holds a one sided conversation with Patton's silent henchman.

King talks with his nephew about night school, where he's putting his money, and a possible opening in the PMD.

After some small talk, Muldoon brings up Rusty. Patton pretends to have known about the gay bars, and offers to pay off the PMD for Rusty. Muldoon calls him on the bluff, and tells Patton that their relationship, and the relationship between the PMD and the Patton organization is over. Patton throws him out of the office. 

At the pool hall, Rusty gets an upsetting phone call. He breaks a pool cue on a table, and throws everyone out. Rusty tells Tommy that there's a meeting with all of the bosses set for that night. Tommy insists that he told Rusty to not push so hard, and advises Rusty to get out of town. Rusty refuses and insists that Tommy pick a side. Rusty questions if Patton is actually his father. 

Public Morals
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Public Morals Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Jimmy Shea: They were breaking the law.
Terry Muldoon: Yeah? Well, it's a stupid law.

Well, let me put it this way. There are the laws, and there are the rules. And over time, you will learn to identify the difference.

Terry Muldoon