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Terry meets Patton to make the collection, and asks about Rusty. Patton plays it cool, and promises that the war will come to an end shortly. Muldoon threatens to arrest Patton himself if it doesn't.

Ina takes Christine out to a house in Queens. Christine thinks it is more than they can afford, but Ina reassures her.

Muldoon tallies up the month's take, and redistributes the cash for his fellow officers. He stashes the envelopes in his coat pocket.

Muldoon meets Bullman, O'Bannon, and Petey Mac for dinner. After distributing everyone's share of the take, everyone give Sean crap for his failed romance with Deirdre. Bullman asks about Latucci, and Muldoon says it's all still up in the air. 

Richie waits on the street for the gun dealer, then stabs him, leaving the body under a truck.

Bernadette calls Latucci trying to rekindle and advance the relationship. Her cousin overhears, and tells her that he's going to share the information with his father. 

Bullman gives O'Bannon the third degree about the Davis shooting. O'Bannon admits to his mistake and apologizes. Muldoon dismisses the younger two members of the PMD, and then thanks Bullman for riding on his cousin. Charlie gets a phone call from Fortune, who needs him to pretend to be her boyfriend while her mother is in town. He reluctantly agrees. 

Latucci warns Petey Mac that there may be a shakeup coming to the PMD. 

Richie heads into a hotel, not noticing that Duffy is outside. He scares Hopkins by not announcing himself when knocking on their room door. They discuss their plans -- Richie wants to take Patton out first. Hopkins talks him into taking out Rusty first.

Rusty and Kaye walk through Central Park, and he expresses his jealousy of her being with other men in the past. 

Todesco threatens Latucci over his involvement with Bernadette, and demands that somebody else from the PMD be his point of contact going forward. 

Richie is bored in the hotel, but Hopkins wants to keep out of sight until they carry out their plan. He tells Richie that he'll be leaving town after they finish things with Rusty.

Latucci meets Bernadette to try and figure out how Todesco knew about them. 

Rusty takes Kaye back to his place.

Muldoon Sr calls for an update about Mr. O's case, and Terry takes him to task about going behind his back about a house. King calls Terry in to go over the month's numbers and get an update on the west side war. King asks for Terry's opinion on Shea and sends the two out together. Muldoon offers Latucci another warning, then asks him to meet him and Shea in an hour.

Richie goes out and tries to pick up the prostitute he noticed earlier, but she thinks he's a cop. He convinces her and her friend to go up to the room. Duffy watches from across the street. He calls Rusty with the information about Richie's location. Rusty leaves Kaye in the apartment. 

Muldoon meets up with Shea, and asks him how things are going. Shea thinks that most of the PMD doesn't like him because they think he's had it too easy. Muldoon reassures him that everyone is just busting his balls. Terry takes his gun and badge and sends him out to the alley, telling him they're going to start a bar fight. In the alley, Vince comes out to fight Shea. Muldoon referees, and Shea takes his literal punches.

Bullman meets Fortune and her mother, Lois,  for dinner.

Christine talks to the kids about the house -- there is some confusion since Terry has voiced his unwillingness to move. She tells them about the house like it's a fairytale. 

Lois asks progressively more intrusive questions of Charlie, resulting in his revealing that his first wife died four years ago. When they get to her apartment, Fortune apologizes to Bullman before kissing him.

Richie screws an unenthusiastic prostitute while Hopkins watches TV in their room. There's a knock at the door, and Hopkins answers assuming it's Richie. He opens the door and Rusty shoots him in the head. Richie hears the shot from across the hall. Meanwhile the second prostitute has jumped on Rusty's back and fights him for the gun. He ends up shooting her, and Richie prepares to enter the hallway while Rusty continues to search for Richie. He shoots at Rusty as the door opens. Rusty returns fire, hitting Richie in the shoulder, but runs out of ammo before he can do more damage. Richie flees. As Rusty rounds the corner in pursuit, the blonde prostitute runs down the hall. Rusty turns and follows her, but lets her go. 




Public Morals
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Public Morals Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

It's not about balls, Richie, it's about smarts.

Benny Hopkins

I'm jealous, Kaye, because I love you. You know how hard it was for me when you went back to that miserable prick? You wanna talk jealous? You have no idea what jealousy like that can make a man do.

Rusty Patton