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A man involved in an explosion went blind and is now at Bunker Hill to see if they can help him gain his vision back.

Walter is performing robotic surgery on James third grade teacher for a torn meniscus.

They install an inhibitor in the guys eyes to help ease his pain and for the first time since his accident he can see light.

James third grade teacher has bone cancer that Walter discovers when he is performing surgery on her.

Walter disagrees with James about doing surgery on Ms. Gardner because she has four tumors in four different places.

Brockett talks to Bryshere's wife about the goggles that are going to give him his vision back. He doesn't want to go through with it as he has been through so many surgeries over the last five years.

James wants to program the robots to do the surgery. Instead of having four different surgeons do the surgery the robots will automate the surgery.

James has a heart to heart conversation with Ms. Gardner after she had a seizure from the swelling in her brain.

Bryshere gets a visit from Johnny, a fellow soldier who was paralyzed from the waist down. He convinces Bryshere to have the surgery that will fix his eye sight.

Bryshere has never seen his wife and now with the goggles he might be able to do so.

Dr. Channarayapatra and Dr. Wallace decided that they will take care of Ms. Gardner's brain tumor themselves when the robot wants to take a different approach to removing the tumor. An approach that would take away all of Ms. Gardner's sensitivity.


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Pure Genius Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

The cancer is too advanced.


He keeps asking about an office. I mean who has offices anymore, what is this mad men?