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The fitbit: The ideal weight-loss app of the future. 

Malik and Zoe kissed in the elevator. She asks Angie to delete the footage in the hospital database.

Ryan, a new case is an older man whose brain is reverting back to childhood. His wife is concerned because he has no memories of their life. All he wants her to do is play with him.

Melissa's metabolism is too slow even for a person of her size. They believe that they can fix the metabolism issue, but they need to do an MRI.

They need to do Melissa's MRI at the zoo, because it is the only machine of her size that will work. 

James wants to re-program Ryan's brain by using lights to Encode his memories and bring them back.

They try to bring Ryan's memories out of him by using a electromagnetic machine that is going to reach into his hippocampus and retrieve his lost memories. He begins to remember his graduation from the police academy.

Ryan goes into cardiac distress and Walter needs to put a pacemaker in his heart to get keep it beating. His heart contains too many blood clots, but because of this event Walter believes he knows why Ryan lost his memories. 

Walter is skeptic on doing the surgery to remove Melissa's tumor that is making her hungry, because she is too overweight to perform the surgery. She is told that she needs to lose 40-50 pounds before they do the surgery. She tells them that she is going to find someone else to do the surgery.


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Pure Genius Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Officer's best weapon is compassion.


Wow, you really just charmed the pants off her. Sorry Father.