Planning Their Next Move - Pure
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Noah, Abel, and Bronco are in shock after Chad guns down Crowbar, to take over the Road Demons. Chad grabs the gang's share of the cocaine, tossing a bag of money to Noah as he leaves. Bronco comes out of hiding and convinces Noah and Abel to hide the bodies. Tina looks through the hymnal in which Noah has recorded evidence about the Voss mob. Noah calls Anna, and she sends the children away to help an ailing neighbor. They stash the bodies in the woodpile. Bronco admits he suspects Voss has a mole inside the local police. Bronco comes up with a plan: suspend the coke in a container of milk, ship it across the border, then bake it back to its original form. The next step is to determine the local person who contacts Eli. Noah sets a date for the funeral for the drug dealers from the crashed airplane. Bronco finds the evidence bag for Gerry's missing phone in Jay's desk and tells Chief Kingsbury. Tina and Ben compare artwork at his house. Tina steals papers from Bronco's investigation, but Ben catches her. Gerry refuses to give Noah the name of the Ashlander who is Eli's local contact. Because of the missing phone, the charges against the Mennonite mob get tossed and Bronco gets fired. Anna suggests Abel abduct Gerry's boys to put pressure on him. Noah borrows Joey's truck. Gerry doesn't bite, because he's about to be released. Noah decides to send the bikers' bodies, money and new production system plan to Voss inside the coffins. Bronco convinces Phoebe to run interference for the coffins. Noah holds a funeral for the dead drug dealers. Noah has had Gerry's missing phone all along. Eli's Ashlander contact is Chief Kingsley. Eli wants Noah and Doc to come to Mexico instead.

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Pure Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Bronco: Did you know about this? Did you know this was the plan?
Noah: Chad said he would help with Mr. Crowbar but he didn't say how.

What do you say we stick to the original deal? Sound like a plan?

Chad [to Noah]