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Welcome back to Pushing Daisies. We're so thrilled this show is on again.

For the most part, we've learned that readers prefer hearing about the personal issues affecting characters more than the mystery of the hour. So we'll break down each below...

- For the mystery of the evening, Emerson, Chuck and Ned are dispatched to a honey-making company, Betty's Bees. A spokeswoman for the company has been murdered and her husband has hired the crime-fighting trio to get to the bottom of the case.

Chuck goes undercover and befriends Betty herself. Because he's concerned over her safety, Ned also acts as a secretary and keeps watch over the operation. In the end, we learn that the new head of the company had the woman in question killed because she was attempting to sabotage the enterprise. Those busy, crazy bees.

- Olive, meanwhile, is consumed by guilt and pressure over the secrets she knows, but can't tell; i.e. that Chuck is alive, that Lily is Chuck's mother. As a result, she quits her job and leaves her apartment (which is paid for through the year). Lily sends her off to a nunnery in order to get some peace and quiet. When Lily goes to visit Olive there, another secret is revealed: Lily dropped Chuck off at this same nunnery years ago; oh, and Lily had an affair with Vivian's fiance. The result? Chuck.

- Emerson spends his free time making a pop-up book called "Lil Gum Shoe." It's later implied by the narrator that this children's book is really meant for the eyes of one child: Emerson's daughter, who he hopes will read it and come find him.

- Chuck, having never lived alone, moves into Olive's apartment. Ned is initially opposed to this idea, but he later realizes how important it is to his love. Therefore, he convinces Vivian to purge herself of all of Chuck's possessions (items such as books and pillows had remained in Chuck's childhood room)... and he brings them to her new apartment, next door.

We close the episode with the narrator telling us a certain individual is still alive: Chuck's father is seen, from the back only, inside The Pie Hole.

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Pushing Daisies Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

I could have been swarmed in my underwear.


Chuck: Don't offend the bees.
Ned: How would I offend the bees?