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Hello, Camila Cod! Meeting Emerson's mom was just one treat we enjoyed on this episode...

Here's a quick summary of the weekly investigation: a man who served as a "Frescort" - that would be a friend/escort - was found dead. In order to solve the case, Olive and Chuck went undercover at My Bet Friend, Inc. Emerson and Ned, meanwhile, got to know the deceased man's client, Randy Mann. He was played by guest star Davud Arquette.

It was eventually determined that the company's founder had many screws loose. He committed the crime because he couldn't stand to see his friendships be exposed as fake.

On personal levels....

- Chuck and Olive became roommates. They had disagreements over Olive's feelings for Ned and the fact that Chuck thinks she's the center of the universe; but by the end of the hour, these two were enjoying pie together and on the way to being BFF.

- Ned learned an important lesson from Randy: it's okay to be alone sometimes. He actually turned down Chuck's offer to move back in because he realized that he'd be a better boyfriend if, first, he was a better friend to himself.

- We met Emerson's mom! A fellow PI, who taught her son everything he knows, Camila Cod was not aware Emerson had a daughter. Once she found out, however, Camila gave Emerson advice on how to fix his pop-up book and make it more likely it will be published, so that his daughter could track him down. These two were great together.

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Pushing Daisies Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Olive: Know what you want?
Calista: Yeah. Nothing', with a size of "buzz off."

The firm of Cod & Cod dedicated itself to the pursuit of truth at all costs... a pursuit young Emerson found "badass."