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The facts in this intriguing episode of Pushing Daisies were these:

Ned and company are invited to a magic show by Ned's half brothers, Maurice and Ralston. Once there, they meet The Great Hermann, who recruits Emerson's help because someone has been killing his animal assistants. A quick investigation, though, determines that this culprit has actually be targeting Hermann.

He eventually succeeds when Hermann is found dead inside a block of cement. The details of catching the killer aren't vital; in the end, it turns out to be Hermann's supposed protege, who was jealous of Hermann's relationship with Maurice and Hermann.

Throughout the hour, Ned realizes how special his half brothers are and overcomes his fear of magic (which had been created by his abandoned father). Just as Ned's family life is improving, though, Chuck's is growing far more dire...

Remember Dwight Dixon from last episode, an old friend of Ned's father? He's back, and knocking on the door of Lily and Vivian.

After Vivian leaves the room, Dwight admits to Lily that he knows she's Chuck's real mother. (Turns out Dwight served in the army with Ned's dad and Chuck's dad; he's back in town now to collect each of their gold watches that had been issues by the army.)

Lily may threaten Dwight, but Vivian is intrigued by him. She later goes on a date with him behind Lily's back and reveal that Charles Charles' watch was buried with his daughter... Chuck! But when Dwight goes to dig up Chuck's body at the end of the episode, in order to retrieve the watch, we all know what he finds:

An empty coffin.

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Pushing Daisies Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Here I was just about to tell you all to shut the hell up, and the you stopped talking so I didn't have to.


Do either of you have a gun? Then I'm going with Emerson...

Olive [to Chuck and Ned]