Worthy Cause - Quarry
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The episode opens 10 months earlier in Vietnam at an American outpost where Mac, Arthur and other soldiers are hanging out. They're all called by the Captain about a mission at Quan Thang.

Back to the present with Olsen yelling at Mac to raise his hands. He wants to talk to Cliff Williams. All of a sudden the park comes to life and shots are fired. A shootout ensues. Det. Olsen and Creedence are killed. Buddy goes over the top bashing a dead guys head in with the butt of a rifle. Mac takes the gun away.

The Broker shows up, and the group gets rid of the dead bodies. Buddy pops some more pills as they clean up.

Mac and Joni are at Lloyd's house for dinner. Lloyd gives Mac a stash of albums while Joni is helping put together dinner with Susan in the kitchen.

Lloyd tells them that someone is willing to buy and can pay cash. They can close the following week. Joni gets upset, because Lloyd makes a condescending remark about the pool and changes her mind about selling the house. Lloyd is upset. An argument ensues. Then Susan gets on her high horse claiming Mac and Joni just want money. Susan calls Mac a war criminal. Susan gives a check to them so they don't have to see them again.

Joni is counting money in the kitchen. It's money for The Broker who calls. Mac wants to give the money and get out. The Broker wants to meet for coffee.

Joni thinks it's all a trick. 

Flashback to Vietnam. The group of soldiers are walking through the river, then take a break and talk. Mac and Arthur make a bet he can swim the Mississippi River. Conway gets called by the Captain to talk. They hear gunfire and see helicopters.

Mac is on an interview at a pool store. Mac asks if the guy reads the newspaper. He doesn't mention anything about Vietnam, but says Mac should have more experience.

Ruth and Moses are having dinner at her place with the kids. Marcus doesn't want to be there. He's uncomfortable. He goes outside with his new ball. Moses notices it. Marcus claims he did yard work for the money, but Moses might be suspicious.

Mac tells Joni he got the job. Mac and Joni go out to a club to celebrate. Mac seems sort of out of place and sits on the couch alone. He looks over and sees the mask and has a PTSD episode. He tears the place apart looking for the masked person then runs outside and has a breakdown.

Back in Vietnam. The soldiers get to a village and look around. Mac finds a mask hung on a wall and removes it. He stares at it a long, long time. 

Moses is sitting on the couch with Ruth. He asks he out and she accepts. She talks about Arthur. Then they make out and go to the bedroom, but Ruth backs off. She just wants to lay with Moses. No sex.

Moses goes into Marcus' room and asks him about the money. Marcus tells him where it is, then takes a gun to him and threatens him.

Joni visits a Vet's hospital to find answers about Mac's PTSD while Mac is voting. The guy gives Joni a brochure. She's upset that they're not doing anything. The guy says he should be lucky he still has all his body parts.

Naomi is watching the election results with Buddy who isn't looking too good. He leaves.

Mac gets to the meeting place with cash in hand.

Back to Vietnam. Mac is leading the troops on their walk through the jungle. He sees something. They get instructions from the Captain and get to the village. There's a guy by the river...they don't know what he was doing so Mac shoots him. The villagers are angry and mayhem ensues. Soldiers and villagers just start shooting at each other. 

One of the guys get shot. Mac drags him over, but the guy is dead. One guy is lighting the village on fire. It's very tense as the soldiers try to get out of the village. Mac goes into a hut and gets accosted by a village who attacks him with a knife. Planes overhead drop napalm and people are on fire. Mac kills them out of mercy.

He and Arthur get out of the village but find a hiding hole. Mac throws a grenade in there and kills everyone including women and children. He completely loses it when he sees the half dead baby that flew out of the hole. 

Mac goes into the bar looking for The Broker who's not there. He sits for a drink, waiting. The Captain is there and recognizes Mac. They talk about Quan Thang.

Back in Vietnam, the Captain has massacred the entire village or ordered some of his men to do the killing too.

Mac leaves the bar and sees the Captain outside on the phone. They fight. the Captain pulls a knife. It's a pretty nasty fight. The Captain gets away and Mac goes chasing after him. Mac searches the woods for the Captain. They're by the riverbank, fighting.  Each wants to kill the other. Mac gets knocked out and the Captain tries to drown him.  It comes full circle to the premiere. Mac gets back up follows the Captain and kills him, pushing his body into the river.

Buddy is at a dilapidated building. He meets a guy and they head to a room where Buddy is accosted and beat up. Buddy has brass knuckles which the guy uses on him.

Mac calls The Broker and tells him he wants to meet at the quarry. The Broker offers him money, but Mac turns it down and leaves. Before he does, he asks The Broker who he voted for which was Truman. The Broker offers him the money again. Mac doesn't leave.

In Vietnam The Broker meets the Captain at Quan Thang. The Broker walks around and comes across a huge poppy field.

Buddy gets home and he passes out in front of Naomi.

At the police station Det. Ratliff looks at Cliff's notebook. Ruth is getting herself prettied up for Moses, but Moses isn't  at the restaurant.

Joni is unpacking and puts on a record. Mac is by the river with the shaving kit The Broker gave him. Mac swims across the river while The Broker makes another drug deal. The package of heroin has the mask of Mac's PTSD on it. 


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Quarry Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

The future is bright, Quarry.

The Broker

You have no idea what the fuck you're walking into.