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Mac is getting coffee, Joni is getting ready for work when Mac accepts a mattress delivery. A surprise for Joni. He tells her about the hundred bucks his dad gave him. The guys take out the old mattress which is duct taped and bloody.

Joni tells Mac that she put the house up for sale. He is not happy. She apologizes for doing it without talking to him first. He starts taking stuff from the shelves and packing. He's not handling it well. Joni tells Mac that she's trying to fight for them. He tells her she lied to him and she throws back that he bought a mattress behind her back. Not the same thing.

Joni tells him she's trying to help. She's worried about him. She's doesn't like him killing. He's upset that she feels responsible for his decision. It all goes back to it's all about Joni. 

Credence is in an amusement park playing pinball. Karl is watching the outside goings-on, taking pictures. Two guys walk in and give Credence some drugs. Credence destroys the pinball machine. He orders his men to find the guys and get his drugs.

Mac is at home listening to records and looking at jobs when jobs used to be listed in the newspaper. He sees The Broker who is sitting by the pool. They talk about the explosion. The Broker knows the house is for sale. Mac tries to tell The Broker that Joni doesn't know anything, but he knows differently. The Broker gives him a new job. To kill Credence.

Det. Olsen and Det. Ratliff are looking through Cliff's notebook. Ratliff is tired of Olsen trying to pin something on Mac. Olsen comes up with all sorts of reasons to chase after Mac. Ratliff figures out that Olsen slept with Cliff's sister. Ratliff won't have any of it. He wants Olsen to drop it.

Karl shoots two guys who are coming up on the pier with a bag of drugs. He takes the drugs to The Broker. 

Ruth is fixing her daughter's knee boo boo. She sends Marcus to bring the bandages from under the bathroom sink. He finds the bag of money taped to the top of the sink. he brings the bandages to his mom, but doesn't say anything about the money.

Buddy asks his mom for fashion advice. They have a conversation about vision and twats.

Buddy is in his car gearing up to present The Broker with his vision. He tells The Broker that he wants to be the gun broker and get out of the killing business. The Broker says no and sends him on the job with Mac.

Mac is outside removing a sticker from a car and sees the assassin from the motel. He tries to get some answers from her about the motel job, but she doesn't answer him. 

Buddy comes out of the The Broker's office. He's not happy. 

Credence and gang are fixing a carnival ride. Mac and Buddy are running surveillance on him. Buddy talks about remember the names of those he killed when he first started working for The Broker. Credence shows up asking what they're doing and why they're there.

Mac and Buddy are at a club playing pool talking about being made by Credence. mac explains that he wants to finish his jobs and get out. Mac wants to tell The Broker about being made. Buddy says it's a stupid idea. Buddy tells him The Broker wants all of Credence's drugs.

Joni comes home to the open house to see how everything is going on. She goes to her bedroom and The Broker is there waiting for her. He pretends to be a neighbor who has a daughter interested in the house. She has no idea who she's talking to. How does The Broker know everything?

Credence shows up at the pier where Karl killed the two guys and find them burned to death in their truck.

Moses shows up at the diner and asks Ruth out. She initially says no, but then changes her mind. She says she'll cook for him. He says he'll bring meatloaf. 

Cliff's sister dresses up in a Cabaret outfit for Det. Olsen. They start making out on the couch when Olsen brings up Cliff's songbook.

Marcus is looking at a new basketball when his sister comes in asking him to help her with her costume. He puts the basketball on the side of the couch. Ruth comes home and sees fresh flowers on the table. Marcus tells her he got them for her with his allowance. She's so taken aback by it, because she's struggling.

One of Credence's guys is at home watching TV when trick or treaters ring his doorbell. He hands out candy. The doorbell rings again and it's Buddy and Mac. They knock him around. They want to know where Credence keeps his stash. The guy calls them "homos" and Buddy goes nuts. The doorbell rings again and Buddy answers it as a vamp. Mac sees one of the kids dressed up as the Vietnam mask. He's dazed for a bit. Buddy shoots and kills the guy.

Back at the office, Mac calls Joni. She's acting strange so he decides to go home to investigate. She's alright. She wants to know who the target is. He's not going to tell her. She called him for nothing. He leaves, but Olsen is watching and follows him.

He goes back to the office to get Buddy and they head out to the amusement park. 

Inside, Credence's guy is counting how much heroin they have. Mac and Buddy are in the car getting ready for the job. Mac is giving instructions. Buddy is popping pills. Mac is not happy. Buddy is being goofy and Mac is wired tight. They move stealthy through the park. Mac is by the carousel when a couple of other guys show up. They go into the offices. Mac is still by the carousel when Olsen holds a gun on him.



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Now, you hold on to this wonderful artwork, and we'll talk.

The Broker

That's..uh..cranberry juice.