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Ralph Angel is devastated that Nova wrote about Blue in her novel. Charley tells him she has a plan and asks him not to confront Nova yet, but he does anyway. 


Nova tells Ralph Angel that he needs to understand how many people will benefit from his story and how he’s not the first person to raise a child who wasn’t biologically his own. She offers to sit down and talk to Blue about it. Furious, Ralph Angel tells her she can never go near Blue again. 


Nova asks her publisher if she can rework the novel but it’s too late. It has already gone to print.


Micah returns from his European vacation with his father. He looks and acts differently. He’s got dreads, and he has fans who want selfies with him. He’s spent his summer with activists whom Nova had recommended he get to know. Later, when some kid insults Micah, he beats the hell out of him. Instead of going home to Charley, he goes to Nova.


Later, Micah and Charley argue over changing his appearance to fit in with white norms. Micah also tells Charlie that the night he got out of jail, Aunt Nova was the only one who noticed he peed his pants and helped him, while Charley was too busy yelling at Davis.  


Ralph Angel spends the day with Deesha at the mall and they decide to go on another date. When Ralph Angel brings Blue to Darla’s, he sees her kissing her new boyfriend on the porch. Although they know the other is dating, they decide it’s too much to discuss the details with each other. 


Charley confronts Nova about the novel, saying that it’s 300 pages for the world to read how much Nova hates her light-skinned, privileged sister. Nova swears she loves Charley but it’s important to show how even women can promote and protect rape culture. Charley considers the book a betrayal. 


Hollywood tries to hide the novel from Violet but she finds it and reads it. She’s shocked that Nova wrote about Jimmy Dale abusing her.


A mystery man arrives in St. Josephine looking for the new diner, Vi’s Prized Pies and Diner. He tells the woman at the hotel desk his name is Jimmy Dale. 

Queen Sugar
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Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Charley: We’re all going to go see Nova together, make her look us in the eyes and answer for what she’s done.
Ralph Angel: She wrote about Blue. Why she gonna do that to him, to me?
Charley: Ralph Angel, I’ve got you.

Ralph Angel: Makes me sound like some good for nothing convict too stupid to know his kid ain’t his. Why every time I try to get up in life, somebody go drop a weight on me?
Charley: I’m sorry this is happening but I don’t want you to worry, Ralph, I’ve got a plan.