Blue is the whole reason he got his life together. So if he sent him away, it’s probably because he thinks the promise of tomorrow outweighs the pain right now.


Charley: Who are you now then, Davis? That’s why I asked you here. I need to know if that kind, selfless man who was there for me when I was sick, who went above and beyond. Who cared. I need to know if he’s real. If that’s the real you, Davis.
Davis: It’s me. It’s me. I’m real, and I’m here. I’m here for you, Charley. And I can finally love you the way you always deserved if you’ll let me.

Jimmy Dale is an evil man who gets off on inflicting pain, physical and emotional, on every and anybody. He’s a dark soul. Thinks love is weakness and feeds on hate and treachery, and he made sure I lived inside of his hell for so long it almost destroyed me entirely. So, there is nothing in this world that he could do to make me forget what he did to me or think he’s changed. Ever. Davis, on the other hand, is just damn stupid. He’s not a bad person. He’s a foolish man who took the good life you gave him for granted and made dumb, hurtful choices. But he ain’t Jimmy Dale. He loved you, even though he blew it, and he loves that boy. So if you saw a change in him, that’s worth looking at.


Calvin: I’ve never done anything like that before or since. You’ve got to believe me.
Nova: I believed you when you told me that you’d never done anything like this at all.

No one really knows your relationship but you. No one knows your heart. No one knows his. I mean, everyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter in the end. It’s the two of you who have to look at each other every day, have to love each other every day.


We can’t wait for the bad to be over. No, we’ve got to live through it and grab pieces of joy along the way.


Darla: We’re sad that we won’t get to see you every day.
Ralph Angel: But I’m happy you get to live your life.

Violet: Fools trying to fight about wearing a simple mask.
Charley: Being brainwashed to fight against their own survival. It’s surreal.

His name is Andre Nixon. He was only 19-years-old when he said you and your cop friends beat him until he could no longer walk.


Look me in my eyes and tell me you had nothing to do with this. That you weren’t there that night because I’ll believe you. Because I want to believe you.


Charley: We live in a world where half the people think it’s your fault if you get sick, especially if you’re a woman.
Davis: I get that. I disagree, but I get why you keep your business, your business.

[about Micah] He is way stronger than I ever was at his age and better than I ever was.


Queen Sugar Quotes

The players who got caught with the girl are just kids, coming straight out of high school. No home training, no life skills. We hand them millions of dollars and then say good luck. They marry riffraff. They live wild, now they're messing up our livelihood.


Nova: Be good.
Calvin: I won't tell you the same.
Nova: You know better.