Searching For The Mayor - Queer Eye
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The Fab Five dress up their car with a bunch of flags. Their client for the week is Ted, he's the mayor of his small town. He was nominated by his girlfriend Andrea.

Andrea wants Ted to get into a routine. He needs to be more organized, authoritative, and he needs to be confident in his public speaking.

Ted is hosting a dinner for delegates from the Philippines and Singapore, so he needs a home set up for it.

The Fab Five go searching throughout the town with a megaphone to find Ted. Their first impression is that he doesn't look mayoral.

Andrea and Ted don't have a dining room, their bathroom is also bleak, and he leaves his clothing on the floor in piles.

Jonathan goes searching in the backyard for the chickens. Andrea and Ted have a garden in the backyard to grow food.

Bobby wants to turn Ted's "office" into a functional office space that he can work in.

Ted doesn't know what to do for his grooming routine. Jonathan is fed up with Ted's lack of interest; he wants to fix the lack of knowledge.

Ted has kept onto clothes for more than 10 years. Tan wants to up his fashion game, and get him outfits that suit his political intentions.

Antoni teaches Ted and Andrea a simple table set-up for guests at their dinner.

Bobby helps Ted to pick out a few towels and accents for his place.

Karamo introduces Ted to Joe, a speechwriter and debate champion. They tackle why Ted has a problem conducting speeches. They help him practice and perform a few debates;  they also make him rap.

Tan gets Ted into a few pieces of fitted and mature clothing.

Jonathan and the ladies of the salon convince Ted to trim his beard. Jonathan gives him a new look that looks fresh and handsome.

Bobby has completely transformed Ted and Andrea's home into a respectable home. There is now a dining room for meetings.

Jonathan teaches Ted how to groom when he needs to shave. Also, Tan gets Ted into a business casual suit for the people in town.

Andrea and Ted prepare for their dinner meeting. The dinner with the delegates is a success.

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